Thursday, 22 November 2007

Something I said?

My Rowan rep for the shop retired back at the end of October, no real loss there as he was one of the most pushy salesman I've ever come across & seemed to be of the impression that everyone on the planet could afford Rowan yarns & if they couldn't they just weren't worth the time of day, needless to say I didn't like the guy.

I recently found out that my Coats Crafts (Patons/Anchor) rep has also left, now she was a lovely lady, nothing like a pushy sales person at all, very pleasant to deal with & I believe work politics to be cause of her departure.

Today I find out that my Sirdar rep has handed in his notice & will be granted early retirement, a lovely guy who is honest, down to earth & a pleasure to deal with. Always happy to pop in to show off the latest or to show nothing at all & just make sure we're happy with everything. Never disappointed if he goes away without an order. A rep who'll be missed.

My Groves rep says to me the other day... "it looks like everyone that visits you is leaving". Hhmmm, makes me wonder.. do I smell? Is is something I said? oh wait, hang on.. do I care? No... not really. More important things in life!!!

Christmas Cracker is near on completion, just the final side & a bit of the border & then it's a done deal, fingers crossed tomorrow I may just get a picture of it on here. No news on the stash yet but it was only shipped on Monday so maybe tomorrow but I doubt it, I reckon we're looking at early next week for that.

nn all xx

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