Wednesday, 14 November 2007

So tired!

Tired that is of the damn shop, you know I've worked my arse off in the damn shop, I get next to nothing in return except grief off the customers. Not the right yarns, not the right quantity of yarns, no patchwork, wrong manufacturer of kits, not the right kits, wrong make of thread, no pearle thread... the list is endless & you know sometimes the customers can't even be bothered with the politeness of hello or goodbye. I was brought up in a way that we were taught to respect your elders, now granted the majority of my customers are elderly & to be honest if they can't respect me I'm starting to wonder why in the hell I should take the time to respect them. My nan would have a few words to say to these ladies if she were still alive.

Unfortunatly for the other customers it makes my decision regarding the closure of the shop that much easier to handle. Why should I care that they'll have no where to buy their wool or threads, they obviously don't care about the shop being there enough to be civil to me.

Serves them right.... I can't wait!!!

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