Thursday, 22 November 2007

Something I said?

My Rowan rep for the shop retired back at the end of October, no real loss there as he was one of the most pushy salesman I've ever come across & seemed to be of the impression that everyone on the planet could afford Rowan yarns & if they couldn't they just weren't worth the time of day, needless to say I didn't like the guy.

I recently found out that my Coats Crafts (Patons/Anchor) rep has also left, now she was a lovely lady, nothing like a pushy sales person at all, very pleasant to deal with & I believe work politics to be cause of her departure.

Today I find out that my Sirdar rep has handed in his notice & will be granted early retirement, a lovely guy who is honest, down to earth & a pleasure to deal with. Always happy to pop in to show off the latest or to show nothing at all & just make sure we're happy with everything. Never disappointed if he goes away without an order. A rep who'll be missed.

My Groves rep says to me the other day... "it looks like everyone that visits you is leaving". Hhmmm, makes me wonder.. do I smell? Is is something I said? oh wait, hang on.. do I care? No... not really. More important things in life!!!

Christmas Cracker is near on completion, just the final side & a bit of the border & then it's a done deal, fingers crossed tomorrow I may just get a picture of it on here. No news on the stash yet but it was only shipped on Monday so maybe tomorrow but I doubt it, I reckon we're looking at early next week for that.

nn all xx

Monday, 19 November 2007


I've just recevied an email from New Jersey... WVAS have shipped me some stash... I can't wait for it to arrive. To be honest i've actually forgotten some of the items that I'm expecting but I know I'll have plenty to bet getting on with & lots of Weeks Dye Works & Gentle Art threads which are really expensive over here. Hopefully I'll get to share the list with you before the week is out.

Did some more work on the Christmas Cracker today, almost all the way around with the red part of the border, then it'll be filling in of the white bits before completion. Not quite sure where to put my name & year as of yet.

Tim is here at the moment, him & Greg are playing with electronics things & it doesn't sound like it's going that well... they differ slightly with the views on the what they are actually seeing on screen & what they are trying to put on their board!!!!! (means nowt to me)

Did some WoW-ing this evening, played with my low level char called... Lisaa... yayy, managed to get her from level 4 to level 8 so hopefully we'll be able to quest with one of Lee's low levels soon.

Think i'll have to have some cereal before bed. Hopefully i'll get a better nights sleep than I did last night.


Sunday, 18 November 2007

Ug :-(

I feel awful today. Haven't felt right all day. Can't stand the constant feeling that I get in my gut, it's a nightmare to determine what it means, am I hungry? is it trapped wind? etc etc. I'm tired all of the time & just want to lounge about & do naff all.

I gotta get up in plenty of time tomorrow as I have to meet someone at the shop & the last time I was doing this I got really hacked off as the stupid bastard didn't turn up, instead he sent his sodding brother-in-law. If that happens tomorrow I'm going to have to have words with him because it's not only hard enough getting up in the morning for work with the constant sickness but getting up on a Monday morning is 10 times worse.

On the Christmas Cracker I've finished the border across the top & started down the right hand side, more progress tomorrow I think.

I have a Mirabilia completed on ebay at the moment which is due to finish tomorrow & can you believe that I have no bids on it what so ever... nightmare, even if the damn thing goes for the £20 starting price it'll be better than having to put it back in the shop. Fingers crossed something happens to it.

Speaking of ebay, that illness that is "stash buying" happened yesterday. I was randomly looking around ebay for nowt in particular & happened to come across a Bent Creek design that I didn't have. I checked through my stash (all places) & couldn't find it so started the bid process, when I was outbid instantly I decided to go for the snipe process. I looked into how much it would cost me to purchase the chart, inc P&P, in the UK & then decided what I would make my highest bid. I was there with just 17 seconds to go & bid my best.... luckily I won & managed to get it for about half what I was willing to pay... bargain... WINNER!!!!!!!

Ug... to bed I think.


Thursday, 15 November 2007

It's a cracker!

Ok so this afternoon I started on the border of the Bent Creek Christmas Cracker design. I thought it was going to be a bit boring & tedious but actually it's made quite quick progress & hopefully will be done in no time at all (then I can start on something else.. yayy).

The cracker design itself was supposed to be something quick & easy to get finished so that it would spur me on to stitch more on a larger design but it hasn't quite worked out that way. The 32 ct fabric has slowed me down far more than I expected, it's must have been longer than I thought since I stitched on it last. Still... I do like a challenge.

New patch was released for Warcraft this week, no problem in downloading it but a nightmare that seems to plague us with new patches... all the addons need downloading again & thats a pain in the arse, especially as some of them don't yet have versions compatible with the latest.. never mind, I'm sure I'll get back to playing it at some point.

I must remember to bring some bubble wrap home, I've got cross stitch everywhere at the moment & there just isn't enough wall space to put it all up & that doesn't include the little collection I have in on the wooden boxes of designs that are yet to be framed, god knows what I'm going to do with some of them, I don't want to give them away as gifts as these are designs that I actually enjoyed stitching for myself but also I'm not really creative enough to do anything else with them. When we get a house I'll just have to designate one room to hang them all in :-)

Bed time for me... just can't handle any later at the moment or I'm like a bitch from hell in the mornings.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

So tired!

Tired that is of the damn shop, you know I've worked my arse off in the damn shop, I get next to nothing in return except grief off the customers. Not the right yarns, not the right quantity of yarns, no patchwork, wrong manufacturer of kits, not the right kits, wrong make of thread, no pearle thread... the list is endless & you know sometimes the customers can't even be bothered with the politeness of hello or goodbye. I was brought up in a way that we were taught to respect your elders, now granted the majority of my customers are elderly & to be honest if they can't respect me I'm starting to wonder why in the hell I should take the time to respect them. My nan would have a few words to say to these ladies if she were still alive.

Unfortunatly for the other customers it makes my decision regarding the closure of the shop that much easier to handle. Why should I care that they'll have no where to buy their wool or threads, they obviously don't care about the shop being there enough to be civil to me.

Serves them right.... I can't wait!!!

Monday, 12 November 2007

Almost time....

... for a happy dance.... but not quite yet. Did some more work today on the Bent Creek christmas cracker & while having a bit of a lull at work I picked out some really nice fabric ready for the Bent Creek Snow design. I have most of the threads but the design calls for 2 Weeks Dye Works & after checking out the DMC alternatives I decided it was best to stick with the WDW as the DMC just doesn't do the design justice.

So... while I ordered both of those it seemed a bit silly to get just 2 threads & pay £1 delivery so I looked up another Bent Creek that I knew I had & ordered up the speciality threads for that too. Which called for a mixture of WDW & Gentle Art. Hopefully they should be with me Wednesday. I had them shipped to home rather than the shop as I know I'll be at home for most of Wed & if I'm not they should certainly be small enough to post through the letterbox.

Haven't heard anything yet from Tawny at WVAS which is starting to annoy slightly now as it's been several months & although I don't mind waiting I was expecting the package to be shipped a couple of weeks ago but have heard nothing since. I was hoping to have gotten the Hinzeit design stitched as it's a really nice xmas one... never mind... it's not like I haven't got more than enough to get no with (for the next 100 years)

Shopping tomorrow at Bluewater... fingers crossed we get lots of xmas things sorted.

Nighty night xx

Friday, 9 November 2007


Sleepy time for me.

No stitching today & no knitting either. Did manage about 45 minutes of Warcraft though & that was about my limit. Could have carried on but I feel really tired. Last night I didn't get to bed until late so I was actually aiming for much earlier tonight but it's not quite worked out that way.

Two pieces of good news, the first is that I haven't been ill now for 2 days.. Hoorraayyy! The second is that we have a guy coming to the shop tomorrow at 10.30am to check it out along with the upstairs so that we can get a nice big board outside that says TO LET... even bigger Hoooraayy!

Can't wait.

NN xx

Thursday, 8 November 2007

I didn't manage to get any stitching done today so what started off as a really quick little cross stitch has actually turned into a bit of a nuisance. The problem being that although it's little it's also on 32ct linen & I'm beginning to wish I'd have done something equally as small only on a 14ct aida just to make it really quick.

This evening I have cast on for the 2nd of my baby blanket squares & managed about 10 rows.... this is quite good considering it's now about 10pm & i should probably be heading to beddy byes.

I think the Mohair maybe a little off colour, we didn't get home until quite late (Greg is on lates this week) & he still had some of his breakfast to finish off & didn't even ask us for his dinner, although did do his usual roll over for a belly rub the moment we walked in the front door. He's eaten some dinner now so hopefully he's ok, probably just missing playing outside with the mice.

Big yawn... night night. xx

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Movie Wednesday

The movie of the day was "Emma" starring Gwynneth Paltrow. It was a birthday prezzie from my bro & sis-in-law. Very good film, loved it so much that it inspired me to watch P&P which I did straight away as soon as Emma had finished. Yet another fantastic movie, in fact... 2 of them back to back... what more could a girl ask for???

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Picture this....

Ok so this is more of a test than anything else. Just to see if I can manage to upload a picture to my nice new blog site.

I've just finished the first of 16 squares for my new knitted baby blanket. Never knitted a blanket before & never tried this pattern before so it's all new. It's taken me about 2 weeks & although that may seem like a long time it actually works out only 3 evenings that I believe I spent knitting it so not that bad at all..... if I do say so myself :-)

Friday, 2 November 2007

A Stitching Update

I know have so many WIP that I'm loosing track myself. At the moment I'm working on the following:

  • Christmas Cracker by Bent Creek, this is on 32ct linen so is very tiny & is only really being stitched at work.
  • Under the Arch by Heritage Stitchcraft, this is on 28ct evenweave, made great progress only for it to slow rapidly when it came on holiday with me & never made it out the bag.
  • UFO SAL this is Welcome House by Cinnamon Cat, 14 ct aida, easy to stitch & almost done but the last part really is the most boring.
  • WISP.. ahhh my HAED Dragon Riders.. when I retire (or have time at home) I will devote much needed attention to this wonderful design, I can't wait!
So thats just the ones being worked on at the moment, we shant talk about the WIP that are in the bottom drawer just itching to see the light of day. It's one of these that'll take the place in the UFO SAL database once the Welcome House is complete.

The other thing that has be looked at in great detail is the 2008 Stitching challenge on the forum, has to brand new & some stitches have to be made on January 1st 2008. Choosing the design is going to be a long process. I may have to wait until my stash has arrived from USA before having everything spread out in the lounge so that I can clearly see kits & charts & somehow make an informed decision.

For now... back to the Christmas Cracker & some West Wing I think.

Lise xx

A brief explain!

Ok... contrary to how it may appear I have not been constantly blogging for the last 2 hours but have infact been transferring my blogs from one site onto another & as they'll be disappearing from the other I didn't want to loose them completely so here they are, all present & correct but with todays date on.

Hopefully now I have a blog that may remain as annonymous as I would like it to whist being public property..... make any sense???

Never mind, I know what I mean & thats all that counts.

This time next week....

Friday, October 5, 2007, 12:15 PM

...we'll be in sunny Portugal. AND in case you are wondering I have checked the forecast (she says, quickly looking again!) ok so the 10 day forecast has it at 22oC from the day we arrive.. I can live with that. Not stifling hot & not cold either although anyone that knows me well will know that I'll probably be cold no matter what.

My stitching has been going well lately. At home I'm working on "Under The Arch" from Heritage, it's growing quite nicely & will most likely be the project I take on holiday (if indeed I can be bothered to take one on holiday). In the shop I have the "Welcome House" which is making good progress, recently started on the top section which is the last part. Updated image on gallery this afternoon. I also have the HAED Dragon Riders which I had planned to do week on/week off but with the Welcome House making such good progress I have continued with it so no image to upload on that one yet.

Warcraft has taken a bit of a backseat the last week or 2, so many other things to be done that take time it is truely difficult working out how to fit it all in but we shall do what we usually do, get back into it with a vengence I'm sure.

Lunch time soon, nice Orzo pasta salad for me with slow roasted tomatos. Washed down with some West Wing season 5.... luv it!

Lise xx

Weather on tap!

Sunday, September 23, 2007, 11:51 PM

OMG.. I just paid a visit to the Sky News website as my mate had mentioned a couple of weeks ago that it was worth a look, well... being a little obsessed with the weather as I am.. I thought I'd check out this section of their website & although initially I found it to be rather basic & uncolourful I then found you can watch an actual video clip of the weather at any time of the day.

Woo hoo.. now thats something you don't get on the BBC !!!!

Tis The Season....

Friday, September 7, 2007, 10:02 AM

... no not that season... holiday season. Yes thats right it's holiday season for the Butler (& Gillies) family once again.

Mum & dad headed off to Cork in Ireland this Wednesday just gone. Happy anniversary to them for 6th September, how they managed to put up with each other for so long is beyond me but there you go.

Monday Lee, Sharon, Jackie & Nephews are off to Centre Parcs for what I believe to be a week but don't quote me on that. Happy birthday Lee for Sunday, you'll have to wait until 23rd for your gifts but I know thats not a problem as you'll have more than enough to deal with when it comes to holidays, computers, dvd's, ironing & Alex starting school... eek.... scary!!

We have 34 days until we head off to sunny Portugal for our annual visit with Scott & Kerrie. This time we won't be staying at Colina with them but Scott has very nicely found us a villa in Carvoeiro with our own pool etc etc. Jessica & Patricia will also be coming along so we should have a highly entertaining few days.

Now all we need is to work out how to get to the airport!!!!

Lise xx

They took offence......

Wednesday, August 29, 2007, 04:03 PM

....well not actually offence but more like "the fence". Finally, after what is probably 2 years from initially discussing it the fence down our side of the most beautiful property that we live in is being replaced. Well I hope it anyway as they've taken away the existing piece of crap that was commonly referred to as the fence & so far there is nothing in it's place. I'm sure it'll look lovely when done & I'm even contemplating putting up some trelis to grown something up.. yes thats right... I can do garden stuff when the mood takes me!!!

I hope they get rid of the annoyingly large tree that grows high to block out our light & hangs over the dirt & weed patch that I affectionately call our garden.

Mohair is currently asleep on the back of his favourite armchair, ok I know we only have 1 armchair but it's still his favourite.. for this week anyhow. I'm certain that he has one eye on the open window where they are working on the fence & the other eye on the window where he is to make sure that next doors kitten doesn't come bounding in to his territory, not that he'd defend it that well, just makes lots of hissing & spitting noises while the kitten looks on.. not budging an inch. We really do have a woos of a cat!!

Speaking of which... need to visit vet to pick up flea & worm stuff.

See ya

Lise xx

Riders have lift off!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007, 01:05 PM

Ok... so I've been stitching the HAED since Sunday evening. I'll be brutally honest I was thinking to myself on more than one occasion "what the heck am I doing with this???"

Heaven & Earth Designs

Sunday, July 29, 2007, 10:47 PM

OH MY GOD... I have started my Heaven & Earth Designs project, Dragon Riders, & I'm thinking to myself "what on earth have I started?".

The 25 count over 1 thread kind of makes my 32 count over 2 look like a walk in the park.

I have opened up a new album in the Gallery purely for my HAED & to also label it a Work In Slow Progress is a bit of an understatement. You'll currently find in the album a picture of the original artwork, ie what it'll look like complete (if it ever gets that far!), & a picture of my fabric, threads & chart for the first page.

It has been suggested that I upload a picture once a week to track the progress of the design but I'm thinking that it'll be most likely I'll upload a picture for ever page of the chart that I complete. That does of course mean that you won't get new pictures often as it's going to be a bitch to complete.

Hey ho... off we go!

Lise xx


Monday, July 23, 2007, 10:32 AM

I hate Mondays.. no hang on.. thats just a mild understatement.. I can't (insert your own nasty words here) stand mondays.

Well I didn't manage to complete my Mini Goal that I set myself last Monday which was to complete Winter Wonderland but I did get quite a way to finishing it.

Picture posted of progress in Gallery.

Time for a DVD I think... and it's ONLY 10.30am!

Must Push On

Monday, July 16, 2007, 10:59 AM

Mini target for this week... to finish the Winter Wonderland. I know it's a little bit ambitious but you never know I might just make it in the end.

Managed a little tiny bit of the UFO SAL yesterday but that design seems to have turned into such a chore. The work in the detail took such along time that my brain says thats should have been it, should have been done ages ago but alas.... there is more.

I'm still gutted that I lost an auction the other night on ebay. Would have loved that Stoney Creek book but hey ho, worse come to it I'll just have to pay full price for the damn thing.

The good news is that this week I should be able to get a nice new mobly phone

Getting there!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007, 09:36 AM

So what do you think, this is the start of Winter Wonderland by Cinnamon Cat?

As you can see some progress has been made but then it does have to fit in with ALL the other WIP that is on the go at the moment.

It's pleasurable to stitch although I would say this, stick to the DMC colours. I used a kit version rather than chart & the kit has Anchor threads in it (uck!!), there are 2 different colours in the tree but the Anchor shades are so similar that there doesn't appear to be much difference.

We shall plough on with the Anchor. Progress images will be uploaded to the WIP folder in gallery.

Lise xx

I Hat No Choice!

Thursday, June 28, 2007, 01:28 PM

After I'd finished my "work" at the shop today I was overjoyed at the thought of settling down for some all afternoon stitching. Suddenly an awful realisation set in... I'd left my stitching at home!!! Cheer panic, I want to finish Cabin In The Woods before starting on any of my new stash & yesterday I took it home to see if I could get a few more stitches in.. alas that never happened but now I left it there & have nowt here. came to me like a bright light or angel shining down on me... I could start another project!!!! Excellent.. suddenly the panic had been replace by another type of adrenalin rush, the type that sees us pick our next project, play with fabric & drool over threads.

The first stitches in Winter Wonderland are about to be made!

Lise xx


Wednesday, June 27, 2007, 06:36 PM

The movie of the day was Sense & Sensibility.. not quite as good as P&P but then it's a little bit older. Still a great movie, not quite as great on the eye candy front but hey you can't have everything.

No stitching done what so ever this afternoon, the ironing took everything out of me & I didn't even appear to make a dent in the pile. Definitely not keen on this circlular hell that is the washing & ironing.

Will be gaming this evening I think, I'm tired of chores so some mindnumbing questing will be the order of the evening most likely with some ER on the screen to keep me amused. Not long now until the new season but my timing has been slightly off, it looks like I'm going to finish season 7 with a week before season 8 arrives.... nightmare!

Completely OT.... wonder when we'll get more tunes from Dido??

Lise xx

Home Alone

Friday, June 22, 2007, 09:12 PM

Lisa has gone out for Fajitas with Sharan tonight, so I get to stay home and play with websites & holiday photos

Just cooked myself herb encrusted chicken breast, basted in authentic Portuguese Piri Piri sauce. It was lovely (even if I do say so myself), although I was very disappointed when I dropped a breaded mushroom on the floor

I hope you like the new colour scheme for the site, it has taken a lot of refining. There are still some bits left to tweak, but the basics are done. Still having fun with my new camera. I'm now learning the "Digital Darkroom" techniques, adjusting exposure, correcting colours, etc. It's a steep learning curve, but I'm pleased with some of the results. I'm sure I'll get a chance to show you at some point.

This Sunday is the Bromley Pageant of Motoring. I haven't mentioned it to Lisa yet, but thought it might be a good opportunity to get some photos of nice old cars.

Must also get the telescope out before Jupiter bids us farewell for another year.

Onward. I have a slide show to finish.


Quite Sensible I Thought

Thursday, June 21, 2007, 07:05 PM

Last week I watched a movie that I've never seen before. It was one of those freebie things that probably came with a Sunday newspaper or something. It came about because I had forgotten to taken my DVD's to the shop & by the afternoon was desperate for something to watch & then I remembered I had this little stash of freebie movies.

Howards End was the film, with Anthony Hopkins & Emma Thompson. A good film.. actually good isn't the right word... Nice.. it's a "nice" film & I really enjoyed watching it. I realised once it had started that I had tried to watch it before but obviously wasn't in the right frame of mind for that kind of film.

Yesterday I watched Pride & Prejudice with Keira Knightley, that is to say she starred in it rather than sat next to be on the sofa clutching popcorn! Great film, loved every minute.

Makes me wish that time travel is possible so that I could just pop back & see what it was like to experience life in those times.... in the meantime I decided to combine the above 2 movies & purchased Sense & Sensibility.... same novelist as P&P & starring Emma Thompson

I shall save it until a Wednesday & watch during a "my time" session.

Lise xx

Pride & Prejudice

Wednesday, June 20, 2007, 04:54 PM

Having just watched this most beautiful movie for the first time I can only wish that life was like this.... it's no good... I shall just have to move to a stately home in Derbyshire!

Ahhhh....back to reality!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007, 01:29 PM

So i'm thinking now that the fabric mound has improved or least made its way back to it's pre-holiday level, it's time to get back to the stitching & gaming side of things.

That first venture back into the land of Azeroth was chaos, I had no idea where I was, what I was doing there & how the hell to get out. Must admit I did quite good compared to Greg who after 5 minutes couldn't remember how to "exit" the game.. most amusing.
Sunday was a vast improvement & just when I thought I was back up to speed there was Monday, an instance.. felt like i'd been chucked back in at the deep end. The spells would work, the healing wouldn't work, I couldn't move... these things were of course all perfectly fine but I just didn't know how to do them. After a couple of deaths & no doubt some serious mumbling aloud by my guild/group mates I got it together... Tuesday will be a doddle!!!!

The Cabin part of Cabin In The Woods is now complete, moved onto the alphabet part now & will slowly meet the left edge of the design. Still not bored which is amazing for me a the moment, although the colours are slightly monotonous I am not having to "plough" on & the design is still enjoyable.. quick stitch more before this wears off!
The Welcome House has had no work this week, no UFO SAL stitching for me, next week.
My list of items I'd like to start next is now evergrowing. I had promised myself that when finishing the Welcome House I'd start the Janlynn Christmas sampler but now I'm thinking that I need to allocate myself another UFO so that will be 2 projects taking the place of just one. When finishing the Cabin in the Woods I was going to rush & start the Red Thread series as this looks fantastic but along with that I have several other from my holiday stash that I would desperately like to start, let alone the stash that I already have........

whats a girl to do????

Lise xx

The Ever Growing Fabric Mound

Wednesday, June 13, 2007, 10:19 AM

Ok so we've been back from holiday what 2 days now.

The unpacking is now complete although I have no idea why this appears to take such a long time & although our nice new suitcase & hand luggage bag are empty & in their rightful storage area... you know the spare room... the entire contents of the cases is now in the lounge so that just looks like someone broke in & trashed the place.

I have managed to "play" with some of my new toys. Went out yesterday with the new Ipod & the Nike+ trainers for a nice walk, was very good, very impressed with this amazing little device that sends info from the trainers to the ipod & then when you get home you plug the Ipod in & that sends all the info from your walk or run to where you can track your progress, ie distances & times etc. Like it lots.

Haven't dragged out my new "stash" yet of stitching goodies, am saving that for when the lounge is in some kind of order & then I shall sit & look at everything that I bought... can't wait

Until that time I have to deal with the laundry which when it comes to washing isn't really that bad, you chuck it in the machine & an hour later hey presto, if the sun isn't shining then it does tend to hang around for a bit on the clothes airer & then comes the worst part.. yep.. you got it.. the ironing... the time grows nearer to deal with the ever growing fabric mound!!!

Lise xx

Night time!

Sunday, June 10, 2007, 09:09 PM

We're off out..... should probably be in bed by now but when you're wide awake you just have to go a wandering.

We'll see if we can grab a night time piccie of the Chrysler building as it's about the only one we don't have a picture off we have almost everything else in New York but thats what happens when you give Gregory a new toy!

I'll be looking forward to picking up our last Starbucks & bringing it back for while we finish packing.

Won't be long, ttfn!

Lise xx

The end is nigh

Saturday, June 9, 2007, 05:21 PM

Ok, so we're knackered now. Just been for the last walk of the holiday, to Macy's, Times Square and into Planet Hollywood. We popped into the M&M store, I tried to get the album but they only sold sweets - shame.

It's still really hot and humid, and my nose is now peeling. Off to the room now before a farewell drink in the hotel bar. Have to be up at 3:00am to get to the airport on time - oh joy.

See you all soon.

Greg & Lisa

PS John, I got the 18-85mm USM IS Lens with the camera, it's great!

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Friday, June 8, 2007, 01:53 PM

My word it's extremely hot today. It's almost 2pm, just got back to hotel from a morning out.

Visited Chinatown... hated it.. it smells funny & just didn't like it.
Little Italy... appears to have been taken over by the chinamen!
Soho... just "average"

Rode the subway lots, it's kind of fun, much easier to negotiate than the London Underground but I guess thats reflected in the fact that there aren't as many stops.

Haven't been able to post any piccies on here yet, my cable is at home & haven't tried Gregs new one. The internet is free in the hotel but you are limited to time so can't stop, must fly.... lunch time!!!

Lise xx

New York - It's Rubbery

Thursday, June 7, 2007, 12:46 AM

Japanese tourists - don't you just love 'em!

Went to the Statue of Liberty today, on the boat I assisted with a family photo. They were very pleased, but I couldn't understand a word. Got a great photo of about 100 people on an organised trip from Japan, all wearing matching baseball caps, and camera's in hand. Took a stroll through the financial district to see the building site that used to house the World Trade Centre. Strange place now, with flowers and tributes still being stuck to the fence.

On from there we had the biggest meal ever in Hard Rock Cafe, and have struggled to do anything since. Now it's time to try to walk off some of the fries.ttfn.

Achey today!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007, 05:24 PM

Another busy day, feet aching today, lots of walking & lots of spending.

Started with a trip to the Museum of Natural History, wasn't interested in the museum bit, just the planetarium show, enjoyed it lots. We got the subway there, was better than I thought, no mugging, no guns, pretty boring ride up town really. One thing that was different, although being in the subway was hot the trains themselves were air conditioned so it was as cold as you like.... a far cry from Londons Underground!

Other places visited so far today:
Apple store-------shopped, magnificent building, check it out online.
Nike store--------shopped

Saw some really posh stores, the Nike store is next door to Tiffany & Co & opposite YSL & Chanel.. very posh area.

Up to the suite for a rest now before we debate doing the Empire State this evening or not... did I mention we have 9 pillows on the bed with some in the cupboard too... madness!!!

Lise xx


Monday, June 4, 2007, 03:42 PM

Monday @ 15.40.. ish. It's finally stopped raining. Some local tropical storm created lots of rain that started last night. The rest of the week is "supposed" to be nice.

Headed off to the stitching store today. The Port Authority Bus Terminal was something else indeed, they have like over 400 different gates with buses departing all the time, it was chaos. The ride to the store was about 35 minutes & the driver told us exactly where we needed to get off, it was, as the shop owner had emailed me, almost right outside their door. I shant mention exactly how much I spent but it was enough

Had an afternoon nap & now heading back out on the town for some shopping, photography & Starbucks.

Lise xx

New Toys

Sunday, June 3, 2007, 08:57 PM

As Lisa said - "We're here!"

As I didn't bring my camera, I had to go buy one today.
We went to B&H Cameras, a Jewish run electrical and camera store - one of the largest in the world.
The cameras and telescopes were amazing, and I had to be very restrained not to spend too much.
Unfortunately, I failed and am now the proud owner of a Canon Eos 30d, complete with zoom stabalising lens, 4GB CF card, tripod, bag, etc,etc. I guess I've just taken up a new expensive hobby Tried to get discount, but was told "No ma boy, our products are already at discount prices"I'll be posting some piccies in the gallery when I work out how to get them on to this PC. Best go now, and RTFM.

p.s. we should have brought a brolly!

Evening... Morning... Afternoon... whatever!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2007, 07:49 PM

It's Sunday evening here in wet New York... at least I think it's Sunday & it could well be evening, either that or the cloud is just toooo dark.

Flight here was good, an hour delay, the stupid people at Heathrow took ages loading our luggage, but it only took 6 & half hours to get here so that was fine, we had plenty of space too, very nice indeed. It was some ridiculous UK hour that we arrived but only 10.30est so the night was young.. apparently!

Hotel..... well the less said about that the better, will share more later once I can get on the photos that we took before checking out of the hotel after only 18 hours & moving a little up town to a fantastic Marriot Residence Inn, brand new & a stones throw from Time Square.

Today was B&H Cameras... Gregory can share more about that but you can guarantee we'll be going back before the week is out. After that was Macy's.. The Biggest Department Store In The World. Thank you Miss Lotay for recommending concierge for our discount card, most useful

Off to New Jersey tomorrow... my fav shoppping date.

Finished at the bar for the evening, off to our Studio Suite now for some relaxation before brekkie in the morning.. yes.. this Marriott comes with breakfast included

Lise xx


Wednesday, May 30, 2007, 10:37 AM

Wednesday, midweek so thats half day at work.. Yayyyy. More importantly than that it's only 3 days to our holiday... bigger yayyy.

Sharan came over for dinner last night & brought with her some extremely nice homemade scones, homemade by her own fair hand I might add. We are being limited to once every few months with the scones though so that we don't become addicted & thus spoil the whole experience. I can see her point.. they are very morish!

Watched another good movie last night The Lakehouse with Keanu Reeves & Sandra Bullock, proper girly movie & some interesting twists but really lovely & would recommend it for anyone that likes a good romance.

Waiting on a CD that I'm hoping will be delivered today as I want it for our holiday & it has definately been dispatched.. no sign of the posty yet.

Stitching update:WIP: No progress on the Cabin but will be getting some done shortly.
UFO SAL: Bottom section about 3rd done.
Dilemma: what to take on holiday.

Warcraft: made level 67 & quarter way to 68.. will game this evening.

Lise xx

Sunday... day of rest (yeah right!)

Sunday, May 27, 2007, 06:24 PM

Ok... so the day of rest starts at 18.15 for me. I have apple crumble & custard in front of me & Lord Of The Rings, Fellowship, just starting on the DVD. We have to watch this as we've finished Star Trek TNG season 4 & we're not seeing Lee until 1st July so LOTR is as good as it gets at the moment.

I've brought all my personal stitching supplies from the shop to home, pointless them being at the shop as I'm doing more stitching here than there at the moment.

Will update the gallery tomorrow. I've taken some pictures of more finishes & also have pictures of the UFO's to add to a nice new folder.

The home PC has been downloading updates for what seems like an eternity. Turns out that the auto update thing could have been causing my lag whilst in warcraft.. hopefully now that will be fixed & I can game in peace.

Stitching update:WIP: Managed about 5 stitches on the Cabin yesterdayUFO SAL: Did some of this last night, looking good, will spend much time on this tomorrow.

For now... to Warcraft!

Lise xx

ps, this time next week shopping in Manhatten

Saturday night at Mutha's

Saturday, May 26, 2007, 06:55 PM

Good evening.Just arrived at my (Greg's) mums for dinner - chicken steaks in breadcrumbs I believe. I have now set up her new Sky broadband connection, which surprisingly worked first time!

I had a most amusing moment today. Those of you familiar with the Ronnie Barker sketch "The Hardware Store" will appreciate this. I had been fitting some new lights to the shop window, but the transformer did not come with a plug. So, off I go to the hardware store and asked the friendly chap "got any plugs?". Off he goes, and comes back with a rubber plug for the sink. I couldn't help but laugh in the poor chaps face. He must have thought I was mad. If you've not seen the sketch, or just want a laugh anyway some kind soul has put it on You tube: Ronnie Barker Sketch

Have a nice evening.

Fridays quiet night in

Friday, May 25, 2007 11.34PM

Sharan has just departed for home, what a lovely evening. She has a crappy day at work, a nightmare getting home & then comes over here to cook us dinner... something tells me we should have been cooking her dinner.. next time!

Love Maid In Manhatten, great film, a fairytale romance set in my favourite city. To date I've only been there once but that will all change in 8 days time when we're likely to be mid-flight, that is of course as long as we don't crash. Last week we watched Devil Wears Prada, another movie set in New York... throughout this week I'll be looking for as many movies as I can find here at home that are New York based... so excited.

Stitching update:WIP: Was working on Cabin In The Woods today at the shop, making good progress on it but it is getting slightly boring as there are only so many browns that a person can stitch.UFO SAL: None stitched today but bank holiday weekend so will hopefully get a good full day in somewhere.
Would like to get started on the Janlynn Winter Sampler... looks fantastic but will definitely turn into a WISP.

Gaming update:no gaming today, it's late & i'm tired.

A quiet night in

Friday, May 25, 2007, 10.05PM

Well, here it is - our first Blog entry.

We have just been treated to a wonderful meal of Fajitas, lovingly prepared by our good friend Sharan. They were...delicious.

As the evening draws in, Lisa has sat down to watch Maid in Manhattan (in preperation for our visit there next week), whilst I, Greg, am typing this and about to immerse myself in some simulated flying.

Time to crack open a beer.