Monday, 24 August 2015

Christmas in August

Today I visited a friends house for a sewing day.  We were both working on Christmas quilts.  I’m very pleased with my progress as I managed to complete a further 9 blocks for my Tula 100 quilt.  That puts me at a total of 25 blocks completed.
My fabric choice for the 100 blocks is Joy by Kate Spain.

They’re so pretty… I might have to sew up some more this week :)

Sunday, 20 January 2013

New Year - New Blog - New Cross Stitch Stash


This weekend I have moved my blog.  I've gone from blogspot over to Wordpress.  All my content has gone with me & I'm slowly making it home.  It'll be somewhere that I can have lots of different things all in the same place, such as my cross stitch, quilting, photos, twins, Lisa G Creations & Love Fabric.

I hope you'll come join me.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

WIP Wednesday - Tula Pink Sampler

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

My first completed block of the new year.  Number seven block in my On Point Sampler is called Starlight Geese.  I'm not a fan of flying geese, mainly because I did a whole quilt border in them for my first quilt, BUT this was a breeze.  Flying geese in foundation piecing.... LOVE them :)

Starlight Geese
Tula Pink Sampler Block 7

I'm linking this post up with Freshly Pieced blog, pop over & have a look at some of the other WIP Wednesday posts.  It's very inspiring but be warned, you could end up with a new pile of wips!!!

Happy stitching :)

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Impromptu Childs Pirate Outfit

This week the twins returned to school after the festive break.

Just a couple of hours into the day I received an email from the school reminding me it was pirate dress up day the following day.  It was nice to get the reminder, even more so because it was the first I'd heard of it!

We have one pirate outfit in the house & that belongs to the monkey, what was I going to do for little Moo?  What on earth does a girl pirate wear??  Oh I know... the same as a boy pirate only with a bit of bling :)

First up I need a white shirt with a bit of a ruffle.  A rummage around her wardrobe came up with a plain white t-shirt.  Now to add the ruffle.  Best I could find for this was a piece of lace (left over from some wedding ring cushions I made!).  Few pins & a bit of sewing & the shirt is complete.

Pirate Shirt - T-shirt & Lace
Next up, a jacket of some discription.  First of all I was trying to find a long t-shirt in either plain red or black.  Between the two of them, neither twin has either, can you believe it???  Time to re-think.  This time I raided the monkeys wardrobe & found a waistcoat.... bonus... that will do.

Waistcoat - straight out the boys wardrobe

Downstairs to raid the bag of Strictly fabrics (yes that would be all things chiffon & sequiney from Strictly Come Dancing!).  Found some perfect red fabric with a bit of bling.  The day was rapidly getting away from me here to it was time to work fast.  I cut out, very roughly I might add, some of the red to match the front panels of the waistcoat.

Rough cut panels for waistcoat front

Next up, I appliqued the red straight on to the front of the waistcoat.  I used red thread on top & black thread on the bobbin.  Again, this was done very quickly with not an awful lot of care going into turning & pinning the edges under (ooops!).

Waistcoat complete

With the waistcoat now complete it was just accessories to go.  I know for a fact that we have two pirate eye patches kicking about our house..... do you think I could find one of them??? nope... nothing.  Time to whip up a couple of eye patches.  Back to the strictly bag where I knew i'd seen a bit of black velvet.  This was just long enough to cut into strips & cut a little patch for the eyes.  Tiny bit of elastic on the back to join the two sides meant that I could be sure they wouldn't just slip straight off.  Of course the girl one had to match her waistcoat :)

Girl & Boy Pirate Eye Patches
Last up was some type of head gear.  Easy one, a piece of stretchy chiffon in bright red & cut into a large triangle would make a perfect bandana.

Triangle Pirate Headwear

Outfit complete & in time for dress up day too :)

Girl Pirate

What did I learn from this very quick outfit make?? Never work with children & sequins at the same time!!

Happy stitching :)