Friday, 25 July 2008

It's an illness!!!

Wow... it's been a while.

I should be heading to bed or rather, tidying up the kitchen, sorting the dishwasher, making baby bottles, trying to find the cat before we close the windows & then going to bed... alas... I am sitting here typing.

I am, by my own admission, a complete DVD obsessive. Be it movies or TV Boxed Sets, I've not fussed. Most women collect handbags or shoes but for me it's definitely the DVD's. I've watched everything that I have several times, I know the date or possible date of future releases of TV boxed sets like Lost, ER, CSI, 24... the list goes on. This evening we've had A Touch Of Frost on the TV, it's an old episode dating back to 1999 but they are great & always worth a watch so imagine as it comes to the end of the credits & they announce that a particular series is now available in a DVD Boxed Set. I gently lean back from my desk to check out the TV only for DP to pipe up "Nope". I laughed... he didn't even look away from his monitor.

For those of you that are interested please see below for pending release dates:
CSI Vegas - Season 8 part 1 - 22nd Sept 2008
CSI New York - Season 4 part 2 - 27th Oct 2008
CSI Miami - Season 5 part 2 - 8th Sept 2008
ER - Season 12 - 15th Sept 2008
Lost - Season 4 - 27th Oct 2008
24 - Season 7 - NO CONFIRMED DATE - D'OH!!!!!!!

Nighty night xx

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

8 week stitch!

Well little bambinos are now 8 weeks old & so far this is what I've managed in the way of stitching. It is a lovely design called Baby Love from the Cinnamon Cat Kittens range. I know the image is quite pale but once I get a few more stitches in it & some nice backstitch to define, it'll look lovely.

There are such a lot of projects that I'd like to get some stitches in but alas, time does not permit at the moment. To fill my passion for stitching in this time where the actual stitching is not really happening I have decided to do the only sensible thing.... buy more.... yes that's right, increase my stash as lets face it, the buying of it is just as much fun as the stitching itself, although nothing will compare to the buzz of a finish!