Friday, 25 July 2008

It's an illness!!!

Wow... it's been a while.

I should be heading to bed or rather, tidying up the kitchen, sorting the dishwasher, making baby bottles, trying to find the cat before we close the windows & then going to bed... alas... I am sitting here typing.

I am, by my own admission, a complete DVD obsessive. Be it movies or TV Boxed Sets, I've not fussed. Most women collect handbags or shoes but for me it's definitely the DVD's. I've watched everything that I have several times, I know the date or possible date of future releases of TV boxed sets like Lost, ER, CSI, 24... the list goes on. This evening we've had A Touch Of Frost on the TV, it's an old episode dating back to 1999 but they are great & always worth a watch so imagine as it comes to the end of the credits & they announce that a particular series is now available in a DVD Boxed Set. I gently lean back from my desk to check out the TV only for DP to pipe up "Nope". I laughed... he didn't even look away from his monitor.

For those of you that are interested please see below for pending release dates:
CSI Vegas - Season 8 part 1 - 22nd Sept 2008
CSI New York - Season 4 part 2 - 27th Oct 2008
CSI Miami - Season 5 part 2 - 8th Sept 2008
ER - Season 12 - 15th Sept 2008
Lost - Season 4 - 27th Oct 2008
24 - Season 7 - NO CONFIRMED DATE - D'OH!!!!!!!

Nighty night xx

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