Wednesday, 29 July 2009

How exciting!

My baby boy took his first proper steps this evening :-)

He made his way from mummy on the sofa towards daddy on the armchair & he managed half way before falling over. We clapped & cheered, even Hannah was clapping. Little Robert was soooo excited he crawled as fast as he could back to mummy & went for a 2nd attempt. Unfortunately on this attempt the excitement took over & his legs were moving way too fast & he just collapsed in a heap of laughter.

Ok... now I'm busy playing with Last.FM, something I've been trying to get around to for ages.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Walk of Life

Our babies are in the midst of a massive transition, they are currently moving from baby to toddler... yikes!!!

Hannah has started walking now & is so funny, it's like watching a little drunk stumble across the lounge floor on route to either mummy or daddy. Robert has been paying very close attention the last few days & is now making his own attempts, which are proving even more amusing.

Today we visited the shops with some fabulous friends & one of my purchases is the Little Life Daysack. Hannah has a pink one & Robert has a blue one... surprise..surprise!! They are brilliant & we even saw two people using them while we were at the shops. I can't wait to start using them with the twins :-)

I have recently posted on Facebook two very short clips of the twins. One of them when they were playing with their birthday balloons back in May & the other one of Hannah taking her first proper steps. Both are funny & I'm so pleased that I am lucky enough to have these clips to look back on.

Thats me done for now... back to Facebook for a couple of games & updates before bed. xx