Monday, 27 July 2009

Walk of Life

Our babies are in the midst of a massive transition, they are currently moving from baby to toddler... yikes!!!

Hannah has started walking now & is so funny, it's like watching a little drunk stumble across the lounge floor on route to either mummy or daddy. Robert has been paying very close attention the last few days & is now making his own attempts, which are proving even more amusing.

Today we visited the shops with some fabulous friends & one of my purchases is the Little Life Daysack. Hannah has a pink one & Robert has a blue one... surprise..surprise!! They are brilliant & we even saw two people using them while we were at the shops. I can't wait to start using them with the twins :-)

I have recently posted on Facebook two very short clips of the twins. One of them when they were playing with their birthday balloons back in May & the other one of Hannah taking her first proper steps. Both are funny & I'm so pleased that I am lucky enough to have these clips to look back on.

Thats me done for now... back to Facebook for a couple of games & updates before bed. xx

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