Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Two weeks on!!!

Well our babies are just over 2 weeks old now... for those of you that didn't know, they were born happy & healthy on Sunday 11th May.
Hannah Daisy weighed in at 5lb 9oz at 22.21 & Robert Gregory weighed in at 6lb exactly at 22.22.
They are extremely cute & at the moment sleep quite a bit, feed quite a bit & fill their nappies... quite a bit. They rarely cry (for now!) & we are living it hope that they stay that way :-)

Now we can get down to the serious bit... birth samplers.. hmmm, none for twins. I shall have to put in an email to Historical Sampler Co' & see exactly how far the ladies have got with the designing of their twin sampler. In the meantime I have picked a couple of little ones from Cinnamon Cat (who else?) & their "Kitten" range. I intend these ones to be more of a door hanger for their bedrooms (when they eventually get a room each) rather than a sampler to hang on the wall.

Will keep you posted on progress of both stitching & babies!!!

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Breast foot forward!

The funniest thing happened yesterday, well I thought so anyway! We had our last NCT class & it was all about breastfeeding. A wonderful subject & one that we had barely touched on in any other class. The lady running this session is a breastfeeding councellor for NCT & also based at the hospital where I'll be having our babies. Anyway.. I'm waffling.. the bit that really made me laugh was that this lady had no breasts what so ever. I could barely look at her without wanting to crack up laughing. It's something that just really.. really made me laugh & I have to admit made it really hard to concentrate on anything she was saying. I won't go on to mention the different colour pen fetish the lovely lady had as that'll just make me laugh even more!!!

The best news is that even though it was our last session we'll be meeting up again tomorrow at one of the groups houses for a spot of lunch & chat. I'm really looking forward to it, sometimes it gets quite difficult living over here with most of my friends & family a good 45 min drive away. I know it's not far really but it can often feel like a lifetime away.. you'd think after 7 years I'd be used to it but I guess when things are getting tough (like having 2 babies) that these things play on my mind alot more.

You know I didn't realise the time, no wonder the babies are moving lots.... they're hungry!! I've been too busy on here most of the morning & looking out for the DHL van that is supposed to be delivering the Beatrix Potter Collection 1-23 books for the babies room :-)

Friday, 2 May 2008

How time has flown!

It's now May.. can you believe it? When I think about how long this pregnancy appears to be taking (yes I am aware that it's around 9 months) & how slow it seems to be passing us by & then weigh it up next to the fact that it's now May 2008.... take a moment to think about it!!! The last 8 months seem to have taken years to go by & yet the first 4 months of the year has flown by at such a rapid pace that next month we're half way through the year.... I'm finding this quite bizarre!

This morning was another all morning session of NCT, it was quite refreashing to be around ladies who are at the same stage of pg as me & have some kind of understanding as to how I'm feeling & whats happening & probably more to the point, the insecurities of being a first time mummy. I'm hoping that we'll all continue to meet up regularly. Plans have been put in place for this but of course you never really know how long that will last..... my own personal opinion... long may it continue.

Oh finally I have a stitching update... hooraahhh. Can't actually post an image yet as it's not finished completely & is also a gift for someone but I have just one small part of the finishing process to complete. I did realise after a short while that I hadn't stitched name & date on & although it will probably bug the heck out of me for all of eternity I had already used some iron on interfacing on it & was not really in the mood afterwards to detach the interfacing & stitch some more, my work was done for the day. Gimme another week & it may be finished completely!

As I'm not posting a picture of my stitching for today & I have decided that I really do like an image to accompany my posts I thought I'd add a picture of Mohair that I took last night. Cats are (according to a pub quiz machine) not one of the animals on the planet that can sleep on their back... erm... hello... I beg to differ with you there!!!!