Monday, 28 April 2008


Believe it or not for a brief moment today I considered changing the title on my blog, reason being that no stitching has been done for ages & with the pending arrival of two bambinos I can't see any being done in the near future.... that said... I decided to leave it as it is. Although most of the blog now contains Life rather than Stitching Life I figured that the whole time it remains as Stitching Life it will at some point give me the inspiration to continue with my passion!

So much time today was spent lounging on the sofa that I was rewarded with a trip to Bluewater, our main purchase of the evening... curtains for the babies room. We shall be leaving the blind up as it keeps the room quite dark when closed & then adding the cream curtains so hopefully that'll create the much sort after darkness for babies sleepy time. I also got myself a couple of cheap maternity tops from Dot P, my long & 3/4 sleeve ones are just becoming so restrictive the warmer I get that I just need vests at the moment, at least they aren't expensive as to be honest I don't intend keeping them once i've (hopefully) shrunk back to my pre-pregnancy size.

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Retail Therapy :-)

Today we went out for a little drive & whilst out picked up these snazzy little outfits from Sainsbury's. Never really looked at clothes in there before but we had seen them a couple of weeks ago & both liked them so before heading to the car we purchased :-) It's the first items that we've bought that are specifically geared towards a little boy & a little girl but seriously I doubt at this point I'll be buying anything else like that, not until they are born anyway. I am yet to believe the sexes of the babies until they are actually with us!!!
Our other purchase took us to the Mamas & Papas store, one each of the softest most toy you've ever come across in your life, they were ridiculously expensive but I don't care cause they're lovely & cuddly. I just hope the twins like them too, although for the first year of their lives they won't have a choice.... I'll be telling them that they love them :-)

Apart from washing some more of the baby blankets & towels most of my afternoon has been spent playing with Facebook... what a joy that turned out not to be... it appears a high maintainence thing... sure I'll get used to it after a while.

Time to sit with my feet up & watch some TV/DVD's, my feet are so swollen now that my ankles appear to have disappeared completely.

Friday, 25 April 2008

A Busy Friday!

Well it has been quite busy today. I was off out early (well it seemed early) to NCT class, very enjoyable, we have a lovely group of ladies at class & the best thing is that everyone is at similar stages of pregnancy, quite literally within a few weeks of each other & we are all fairly local so hopefully it'll be great to keep in touch.

After getting home I find out that Greg has inflated my lovely lilac Birth Ball..... oh what a joy to sit on, please someone tell me why I didn't get one sooner???

I've had new DVD's delivered.. yay.. thank god for that, daytime tv is such a drag & as much as I have the enthusiasm for getting on with so many different things or even getting some much missed stitching done... it doesn't really pan out that way!!

Also... being Friday... our new car should be ordered today... even bigger YAY. Although we know it won't actually be here until probably end of June, maybe even into July we know it is ordered & to be honest having to deal with two newborns will be challenge enough to keep us housebound for a bit while we work out what to do with the little darlings :-) In saying that, I'll probably be climbing the walls & desperate to get out the house with them but we have no way of knowing until they are actually here so I guess we'll have to just wait & see.

Oh... tell you sometime of interest (maybe), I have been on Warcraft 3 times since last Saturday, now this is an achievement, especially as that probably works out more times than in the last 5 months, long may it continue!

Not sure but did I share the pushchair with you, if not here is a picture of it, it's a brand new shade & to quote John Lewis "not available to order until end of April".... well would you look at that, I've had mine for over a week now... doesn't it look lovely?

Sunday, 13 April 2008


Ok... time to get back to blogging. What a busy few weeks we've had indeed. So much for taking time off to relax & put my feet up. If one more person asks me if I'm enjoying being a lady of leisure I'll probably punch them!!!!

I've been busy ebaying ever since my last post. The shop stock is getting cleared very nicely thank you very much to all who have contributed to this :-)

Stitching has very much taken a back seat, mores the pity as I was hoping to get my dreaded UFO Welcome House completed but it just hasn't happened... yet!!!

No baby news as of yet, apart from the fact that I've got so damn big that it is actually getting ridiculous. It's a nightmare to walk, sit, stand, sleep, etc etc. Officially we have about 5.5 weeks until our 38 week date, which is as far as the hospital said I would go, please god let it be true. We have pretty much finished the babies room now, let me see if we have a piccie on here.. yep, there's one, that'll do. So you can see we have been quite busy, those that remember it as a desk filled spare room/office will be quite surprised by the change.

I'll see if I can get back to more regular updates now that I'm slowing on the work load (again).