Sunday, 13 April 2008


Ok... time to get back to blogging. What a busy few weeks we've had indeed. So much for taking time off to relax & put my feet up. If one more person asks me if I'm enjoying being a lady of leisure I'll probably punch them!!!!

I've been busy ebaying ever since my last post. The shop stock is getting cleared very nicely thank you very much to all who have contributed to this :-)

Stitching has very much taken a back seat, mores the pity as I was hoping to get my dreaded UFO Welcome House completed but it just hasn't happened... yet!!!

No baby news as of yet, apart from the fact that I've got so damn big that it is actually getting ridiculous. It's a nightmare to walk, sit, stand, sleep, etc etc. Officially we have about 5.5 weeks until our 38 week date, which is as far as the hospital said I would go, please god let it be true. We have pretty much finished the babies room now, let me see if we have a piccie on here.. yep, there's one, that'll do. So you can see we have been quite busy, those that remember it as a desk filled spare room/office will be quite surprised by the change.

I'll see if I can get back to more regular updates now that I'm slowing on the work load (again).

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