Wednesday, 26 March 2008

No rest for the wicked!!!

It seems that being a "Lady Wot Lunches" isn't quite all it's cracked up to be. Apart from anything I've found that daytime tv is absolute crap. This morning I actually found myself with Jerry Springer on the tv while I was getting ready to go out... now this can't be good!!!!!

I've been busy ebaying, very busy indeed, lots of bargains to be had on there at the moment so most of my days, you know...all 2 of them so far, have been taken up with photos, followed by listing, followed by more photos, followed by more listing. Basically I need to get rid of it all asap or we simply won't have enough space.

As for viewings on the flat, well to be honest I'm glad we haven't had any at the moment. Just when we get it into some kind of order for a viewing we manage to fill up the clear spaces with yet more crap or in this case stock!

I was hoping to get the Welcome House finished too as I wanted to drop it off to be framed on Monday but I can see that taking an even bigger back seat right now, the ebaying comes first.

If you fancy a browse please help yourself, I think at the moment it's mainly cross stitch & fabric... I haven't yet managed to unearth the knitting stock from the boxes yet but I'll get there in the end.
Ebay list

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