Tuesday, 4 March 2008

How frustrating!

Most crafty type people will be able to relate to the fact that when we want something to start a new project that we want it & we want it now!!!!!

To start a knitted hat project I needed a new pair of needles so I consulted with the Circular Needle Oracle that is.. Fran.. & then I ordered up some Addi Turbos to be delivered to the shop. Well the numpties today decided to send my needles to my Invoice address instead of my Delivery address so there I was desperate to start, left my stitching at home in preperation but then found I couldn't get started..... ok... not to worry... I'll get going as soon as I get home.

Once at home I eagerly cast on asap only to find that I'd ordered the wrong length of circular... needed a shorter one **cry**.

Will order a new one tomorrow, bored with that for today!

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