Saturday, 8 March 2008

Yay and... "oh"

Postman arrived this morning at the shop with my nice new, correct length, pair of Addi Turbo's.... Wooo Hoooo.

Something that didn't really occur to me until opening the packet... the actual needles would be much shorter too. My first thought was... oh god how on earth am I going to use those, they look like circulars for babies to use!!!!! My second thought was that Fran will be thinking "oh, the uneducated!!!" luv her!!!

Once again I will be dashing home this evening to try out my nice new short circular needles for my nice new Alpaca hat. You can guarantee that by the time I finish it summer will be here (or we'll be heading into winter... won't confirm which year that might happen to be!)

On the stitching front... I have made further progress on Welcome House, I'm resisting posting a picture as it's soooo close to being complete that I'd rather wait, but rest assured, it WILL be done soon.

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  1. Bless! That's really made me chuckle, you are a numpty ::lol::

    You can always use the two circular needles to knit it in the round you know, it's very easy ;o)


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