Saturday, 1 March 2008

Yay.. new toys!

More good news.
After leaving the baby show on Friday we headed over to Bluewater for some lunch & a little bit shopping. Only one shop in mind, John Lewis. I've been after a new sewing machine for a while & after having no luck at the trade show & then no comment regarding the stitching show I decided it was time to quit messing around & do the sensible thing. After searching online & finding that no one appears to sell cheap new machines I bought a nice posh one in JL. I am now the proud owner of a Janome DC3050 **yayyyyyy** big cheer!

Had loads of fun at the shop this afternoon, got together a pile of goodies for my first project & play with my nice new machine. Worked out what colour fabrics to use, got some threads, interfacing, felt, ribbons, velcro coins & spare machine needles. Had to do an order with a supplier so went through & ordered stuff for the shop & then of course some stuff for my new projects. You have no idea how much fun it was..... well ok so you might! After getting all that together I needed to finish tidying my desk as soon as I got home as my machine needs a living area where it's easily accessible & then the dinner got in the way & then things took a turn for the worst, I realised I'd left all my fabric at the damn shop. Suddenly I was distraught, having no fabric at home available for my play session (seriously, none spare, it's all tied up with other projects at home). We found ourselves on a quick drive back to the shop to pick up my fabrics.... ho hum... what kind of a numpty was I? (prey don't answer that!).

Well thats where I am at the moment... machine is good to go, well you know once I plug it in & dig out some instructions but hey.. it's a sewing machine... who needs instructions??????

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