Friday, 29 February 2008

Good, Bad & the Ugly - Friday

Friday is a 3 fold day... where most of the busy-ness took place.

Up at 4am, yes thats right 4am (not that it matters much to me as I'm usually awake every hour on the hour atm). The parents arrived in their bus & it was off to the airport. We get to take them to the airport & then have the use of their vehicle for the duration of their holiday, provided that is that we pick them up again after their holiday! For those of you that don't know (or realise!) that this is the day that Greg & I would have been flying off to the sunny caribbean for a relaxing 10 day cruise (thank you very much parents). We'd have been accompanied by other members of the family as we celebrated both parents 60th birthdays. Alas... for us.... it was not to be (thank you very much twinlets!). We are over it now... no really we are, we get babies, not just the average singleton but the more special twin variety & for that we are grateful & how ever much that I (we_ would have loved to have gone on the cruise I do remind myself that there are people that are unable to have one baby, let alone two at the same time... for that I am eternally grateful.

For those of you that are in the know... the un-named wench was as expected... nuff said!

Ok... so thats the bad & ugly covered :-) Now for the good!!!

From the fun & frolicks of Heathrow we headed into & across town to The Baby Show... back to the Excel centre for us at Docklands. We got there at 8.30am, show doesn't start until 9.30am. Today we decided to up our ticket for the car park, rather than 2 hours we paid for 5 hours, worked out cheaper than doing it the other way. We had checked the show details the evening before so had an idea of how big it was, what stands we wanted to see & what else was on offer. Being a subject that neither of us have any real experience of we decided it would take us a while to work our way around. Oh how right we were. After spending our initial hour relaxing with a bacon bagel & orange juice we made our way into the show & starting our browsing. We collected every freebie we could, signed up for a ton of junk mail & made mental notes about what we'd like to purchase before leaving. Well a good 4 hours later & a few hundred pounds lighter we left the show & managed to fill up the entire boot space in the parents Galaxy. Lots of new toys for the new babies..... so much fun :-)

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