Thursday, 28 January 2010

Starry Update & TUSAL

A small update for you on my Sweet Dreams star. This of course is my 2010 Challenge piece. I was going to stitch it steadily & take my time but I have to admit when I see people completing up to their 5th item for this year already it does kind of make me want to finish it sooner rather than later. After that the thoughts of what to stitch next come flooding into my mind & then nothing gets stitched as I'm too busy adding to my ever growing stash :-)

The 2nd update today is on my Totally Useless SAL. I was supposed to post a picture about 2 weeks ago now but I was struggling to find a glass to put the threads in. Well I finally found something. A little glass jar. It's not what I was ideally looking for but it's cute & dumpy. I did think that maybe it'll be temporary jar & i'll keep looking for what I really wanted but then I thought no... this is what I've chosen, if I find something else that I like then it'll just have to wait until next year :-)

Happy Stitching :-)

Saturday, 23 January 2010

My First Quilt

Here we are, a quick picture of what I did last week at my quilting class. The first part of my Sampler Quilt, it's called a Wonky Star. I haven't got off to the greatest start with it but I'm not going to frog it. I quite like it & hopefully my little boy will too :-)

I have a new quarter inch foot for my sewing machine & a couple of fabric prints which I think work perfectly with the three that I'd already chosen (the three original ones are across the top in the image below)..... what do you think?

I'm having a bit of a quandary at the moment. It's regarding my christmas stitching. Now I love my christmas cross stitch, it's my favourite type of stitching, the colours & designs are fabulous & always make me smile. Anyway, I'd like to know what people think about keeping christmas designs up all year around. Do you consider them to be just another lovely design that deserves it's place or are they classed as decorations & should only be displayed at holiday time?? Let me know what you do or would do?

Happy Stitching :-)

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Big Project.... Small Start!

I totally didn't get chance to blog this Monday. We had a plumber here all day giving the central heating a power flush so my day was distrupted to say the least.

On Monday evening I started a patchwork/quilting course at the store Thread Bear in Surrey. It's a sampler quilt that I'll be creating over 10 weeks & you can see the sort of thing I'll be making here. I'll get a picture on soon.

Now on to the BAP. In case you didn't know, many moons ago I started my muched loved Heaven And Earth Design. Of course it fell by the wayside & found itself on the pile (more like an entire room now) labelled UFO. When getting back into my stitching I was desperate to get going again on the HAED only to find that I just couldn't. Further investigation led me to realise it was the fabric that I didn't like. I just wasn't happy working on the 25ct over 1. DH bought me some lovely new fabric in a more respectable 18ct & now I've finally started again. OK so it's not a massive start but I am enjoying it & I'm enjoying seeing it grow... all be it slowly :-)

I'm off to Sandown Park tomorrow with my good friend over at A Yen For Yarn. We're browsing the Stitch & Creative Crafts Show..... fingers crossed I come back with goodies :-)

Happy Stitching

Monday, 11 January 2010

Pleasing Progress

I've had a really lovely stitching day, lots of progress & lots of updates to share with you.

Whilst I was enjoying this years first episode of Larkrise to Candleford I decided to stitch on my 2010 Challenge piece, Sweet Dreams. Only an hours worth of stitching but I'm happy with the progress.

The next update is on Yoyo's Christmas Design SAL. I haven't set myself any monthly targets but I have to say I'm really happy with the amount I've done for January & I'm looking forward to next months stitching week.

My other update today is that I cut the fabric for my HAED Dragon Riders & made a new start on it. No picture on this one yet but hopefully soon.

Happy Stitching all :-)

Stitching Monday

Just a small post this morning. The twins are off at nursery so it's my stitching Monday :-)

I have an update picture to post later with my progress on Yoyo's Christmas Design SAL. We stitched for a week together & will continue to do so once a month until our designs are completed & hanging on the wall next christmas... well thats the plan anyway!

This morning I've done the tidying (most of it!), put the washing on, filled up the bird feeder & made myself a cuppa. I'm going to do an hour of a project downstairs watching Larkrise To Candleford & then hopefully cut the fabric ready to get started on my HAED Dragon Riders later today upstairs whilst probably watching some more of the 3rd series of Little House On The Prairie.

Now all I have to do is choose my next hours project.. will it be one of my two UFO SAL projects, the 2010 Challenge project or the Festive Biscornu. I'll keep you guessing for now & post an update pic later.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

2010 - A New Start

I was in two minds to do the 2010 Challenge this year. In 2008 I didn't finish either of the pieces that I started for the challenge & in 2009 I didn't even sign up for any. But having spent the latter half of 2009 getting myself back into my all time favourite past time I made a rather late decision to take part... and I did it... I started a nice new design on 1st January. It's Sweet Dreams by Cinnamon Cat & it's for my little boy.

I'm taking part in a few challenges this year & I'm looking forward to working on all of them. I have a 5 day cruise booked with my mum which we've already designated a "stitching holiday", I am sooooo looking forward to that... roll on June.

2009 Finishes
Baby Love by Cinnamon Cat. My only finish this year, my only finish for 2 years for that matter.

2010 Goals/Challenges
Ultimately to finish more than I did in 2009 :-)
Jan 1st Challenge - Sweet Dreams, Cinnamon Cat
UFO Challenge - Cindarella is Proof, Lizzie*Kate
Christmas Design SAL - Merry Christmas By The Letter, Lizzie*Kate
I've Started UFO - Was Christmas Trees but I think I'm going to change that this evening.
I would also like to complete the Festive Biscornu from Polstitches Designs & do at least one (if not two) pages on my HAED Dragon Riders.

Well there it is, that's what I would like to do, only time will tell if I get anywhere. I'll do my best to post regular updates & pictures. All pictures will be found in my WIP folder down the right hand side of my blog & once I get going I'll start a new folder for my HAED.

Happy New Year