Saturday, 26 December 2009

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone has enjoyed christmas as much as I have.

Now that the twins are 20 months old the whole christmas concept is brilliant this year.... lets just say that they have "unwrapping gifts" down to a fine art now! Our modest house is like toy central, yet again, & in the evenings whilst they're sleeping we'll be having a toy cull. The toys that the twins have grown out of will be donated to Twins Club, Playgroup, our Dr's waiting room & my boot sale box.

I've had a few stitchery gifts this christmas & will at some point get around to taking a picture with my new camera.. yes that's right, DH bought me a nice shiny new camera, an IXUS 100 (an upgrade on my current IXUS40). I had some new fabric, a Lizzie*Kate Christmas Kit & a pull along trolley for my sewing machine :-)

I was well impressed with the trolley as it was a bit of a late addition to my christmas wish list (bit of an afterthought really). I've booked myself onto an evening course for quilting. Although I could probably get along fine with some patchwork & quilting I've never actually dabbled in it properly so from 18th Jan I'll be doing 10 weeks on a Monday evening hopefully making up my first quilt. The trolley will enable to me to take along my machines, fabrics & all the trimmings. I can't wait to get started.

I made a small start on Yoyo's Christmas SAL but then had to frog the lot as I'd completed messed it up. My own stupid fault, I just wasn't paying attention.... gutted... but I've already re-started.... 3rd time lucky :-)

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Early Xmas Gift & a RAK

With poorly twins there hasn't been much time for stitching this past couple of weeks but I did have a lovely surprise from DH the other day.

He was going to buy me some new 18ct fabric for my Dragon Riders HAED as a christmas present but the other day he left a package on my desk which contained none other than my new fabric :-)
I was over the moon, means that I can prepare the fabric all ready to get started. But that wasn't the end of the package. Also included was some new 16ct aida for me to use on the Christmas Design SAL. I'd previously bought cream but it was far to light & so far haven't made the trip to LNS to buy some more. DH ordered online & his comments were "I don't know if its the right colour as I had to guess but if not you can use it for some other projects". How wonderful is he??? don't you all want one just like him??? The colour seems perfect.

Next is the small amount of progress that I've made on the Polstitches Designs Festive Biscornu. It's a really lovely design that was featured in Issue 178 (Dec 2009) of Cross Stitch Collection. Polstitches are selling a materials pack for just £9.50 that includes the fabric, threads, beads & buttons to complete the biscornu. I know my progress isn't that great but it's already looking really pretty. The front & back designs are slightly different, I thought that was a really nice touch :-)

One more picture to show you today & that's an update on my latestest UFO project which is Cinnamon Cats Christmas Trees. Again not much progress here but the tree is now complete & I just need to put the backstitch around it before continuing with the ribbon to the next tree. Apologies for the slightly blurry image... I must have wobbled!

Thats me done for now.... getting there :-)

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Busy.... Busy.... Busy....

So much happening at the moment in my world of stitching... or rather not happening as the case maybe!

Christmas Design SAL - With fabric & threads all ready I made a start on 1st December only to find that the cream I had decided to use was too pale :-( The recommended fabric is a 32ct Belfast Linen but I have quite a bit of linen that I'm working on at the moment so I thought some 16ct would be a bit easier & a welcome break from linens. I've been through my entire fabric stash & don't have anything darker than a cream. I even had my mum go through her fabric stash too & still no joy. Now I can't decide if I should order online or wait until I can get to a shop but I don't know quite when that will be.

HAED, Dragon Riders - After much deliberation I have decided to re-start my Dragon Riders. I only ever managed a fraction of page 1 when stitching on the 25ct over 1 & the more I think about it the reality is that I don't think I'll stitch any more. I've chosen some 18ct aida to re-start on. I know thats going to increase the size of the design dramatically but I have the perfect place for a lovely large picture to hang & how much better could it be than to hang a piece of my stitching :-)

Maybe later or tomorrow I'll post updates on the Festive Biscornu & my Christmas Trees UFO with pictures too. At the moment it's time the twins were up from their nap!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Christmas Design SAL

Today is the first day of Yoyo's christmas SAL. I have the fabric & threads ready & I'm good to go... hopefully by the weekend I'll be able to show you the start :-)

Friday, 27 November 2009

What A Find :-)

A couple of days ago I was working my way around the world via blogs came across this stunning design.... it's called Sew Winter.

Isn't it wonderful? Upon further investigation I came across the design available at just $4 direct from the designer. Not only that but other designs that are equally as stunning. I was quite taken aback when I found that the designer was not only here in the UK but in my home county of Kent.

There is the promise of new charts to come so if you're taken with these as much as I am then support a new designer :-)

>>>> iStitch Charts <<<<

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Christmas Design SAL

Right... I'm almost ready to make a start on the Christmas Design SAL. Annoyingly I went out to buy some of the Weeks Dye Works threads today only to find that the store didn't have all that I needed. I did manage to get a piece of fabric. I originally thought I wouldn't have to buy fabric but alas I just don't have the right size piece.

This is what I'll be stitching for the SAL & hopefully this time next year it'll be hanging on a wall somewhere in my home :-)

Thursday, 19 November 2009


Following the finish of Baby Love I've spent a week trying to pick a new UFO to work on. The winner is Christmas Trees... also by Cinnamon Cat.

The other thing I've come across is a new SAL (courtesy of Dragon My Needle & via the Speedy Stitcher). It's due to start on 1st December & it's called Christmas Design SAL. I've sorted out a christmas design & the idea is that I stitch on it every month for a year & by this time next year I'll have a lovely new design to hang..... fingers crossed anyway! My chosen design for this is Lizzie*Kate - Merry Christmas - By The Letter. Now all I need to do is sign up for the SAL & order the fabric & threads for a new start... yay :-)

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

A Finish :-)

It's late & I'm tired so just a quick post to share a picture. My first finished piece of cross stitch for at least 18 months. I am well chuffed & can't wait to enjoy another.

Friday, 30 October 2009

Happy Halloween

Due to a week of houseguests I haven't managed a single stitch. Hopefully next week I'll back on track.

In the meantime I thought I'd share a piece of stitching with you that I completed in 2004. It's a lovely chart by Bent Creek & very popular... especially at this time of year :-)

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Almost Done

I've been busy :-)

"Baby Love" has suddenly come to life with a bit of backstitch, not much left now. I was hoping to get it finished next week but we have house guests so you'll have to just watch this space for further progress.

My other finish is not cross stitch related but is instead a little bag. A baby tote measuring 8 inches square & made using some fabric that I had "in stock" :-)

Our little room which has housed our computers since we moved in is rapidly becoming my new craft/stitching room. We've moved a drop-side table from downstairs up here which is now the new home for my sewing machine & either side of the table I have 2 of my stitching boxes. DH was kind enough to put up 2 new shelves above my desk so I have DMC Gold Concept thread folders on the top shelf along with a folder containing charts from some magazines & a selection of books that include knitting, quilting & cross stitch (& some World of Warcraft books... loosely craft related!!). I'm feeling quite at home :-)

Monday, 12 October 2009

New Stash :-)

Last week I once again added to my 'to do' list. It was the long awaited visit to The Knit & Stitch Show held at Alexandra Palace. It was a lovely day, we were lucky enough to get a parking space right outside the main doors, any closer & we'd have been in the foyer!

Baa Baa Black Sheep Kit - Historical Sampler Company
Happy Christmas Kit - Michael Powell, Little Gems

Christmas Is... Chart - Lizzie Kate
You Can Touch The Dust... Chart - Lizzie Kate
Merry Christmas Charts - Lizzie Kate
Peace, Love & A Cure Chart - Lizzie Kate
Snowman style bellpull wire
Threads from The Gentle Art & Weeks Dye Works

Now all I need is a few more days without the twins or a much longer day!!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

The Promised Picture

Here you go... an updated picture of Baby Love.

I've thoroughly enjoyed getting back into my stitching. Last weekend we continued having a tidy of the spare room & this involved me going through a rather large storage box where I came across all kinds of stitching goodies which included:
  • Floor stand from Needle Needs
  • Lap/Table stand from Needle Needs
  • Several different sized frames for the above
  • Cedric the knitted christmas gnome
  • Lots of felt squares that came from my shop
  • Scarf knitting project with fabulous alpaca yarn
  • Some kits that I just had to have!!
  • Several UFO's that haven't seen the light of day for a while :-)
This time next week I would've been to the Knit & Stitch show & hopefully returned with some lovely new stash to add to the collection. I will of course share with you any new purchases!

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

An Eve of Stitching

This evening I've put some time in on Baby Love. It's coming along really nicely & I've almost completed the main bulk of the design. I'm trying my best to get it done so that I can do the backstitch on it as I know that once the backstitch is on the design will really come to life & thats when the enthusiasm will really kick in to finish it off. Being such a small design it really shouldn't take me that long once I'm past the backstitch point.

Hopefully I'll get a picture posted tomorrow.... would have got that done this evening but the battery is dead again... maybe I should request a new one for christmas.

I've made some nice progress on the christmas gift stitching that I began last week, I'm pleased with the colour so far on the fabric. No picture to be posted of this until after christmas so a long wait I'm afraid.

Only 8 days to the Knit & Stitch show, can't wait. I hope there is lots of stitching there, I'll be gutted if there isn't. I do know that Historical Sampler Company will be there & both mum & me love their samplers so it'll be nice to see them & anything new that they have on offer :-)

Friday, 25 September 2009

Problem Solved :-)

The dilemma from last week has now been sorted. A friend recommended that I purchase half the threads needed for the new design & puchase the other half at the show. Well I went to order half & then realised that there is only 6 different shades needed so I ordered them all... yay :-)

Below is a picture of the threads & fabric. There are 2 shades from Gentle Art & 4 from Weeks Dye Works. The fabric is 27 count Cream Northern Cross Linen. Have to wait a while for me to show you the design though as it's the one thats a christmas gift. Can't wait to get started!!

Thursday, 17 September 2009

A New Start

For the last few days I've been looking at a design that I would like to get started on asap. Only problem is I need to order the threads for it as I want to use the Sampler Threads & Weeks Dye Works that are listed. I have 21 days until me & mum head to The Knitting & Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace so I know I should hold off ordering them but it's driving me mad. I don't have that much time to stitch at the moment & I would really like this done as a christmas gift.

What a quandary to be in... do I order the threads now & then I've got them & can get started or do I wait until Ally Pally & risk not getting them & then having to order them anyway? These things do my head in!

Below is a picture of what I'm working on at the moment. It's a mini birth sampler for Missy Moo, I started it just after the twins were born but didn't get to stitch much as everything was put on hold while I learnt how to incorporate the twins into my life. The design is only small & it's from the Kittens range of Cinnamon Cat designs. Hopefully now that I'm dedicating some time to the stitching I'll be able to post some more progress soon.

Baby Love

Happy Stitching :-)

Monday, 14 September 2009

It's the little things!

I am of course referring to this post... a very little one indeed.

Monday is supposed to be my stitching day but alas it's now my second Monday being twin-less & once again I haven't managed to get needle into fabric. Must do better.

What I have managed to do this evening is add to my UFO list over there----------------->

Thursday, 10 September 2009

A Picture of Happiness

Here are the pictures of my latest stash that arrived from The Silver Needle. It's taken me ages to get around to the photos but I blame the twins for that :-P

The first is the final 6 charts that I needed in the Bent Creek Red Thread series. The original 6 charts with the border chart & the fabric was purchased in New Jersey quite some time ago, I won't say how long because that's just depressing!

The second is the remaining 6 charts (with all threads) required for the Bent Creek Big Zipper Kit, another that I purchased the very first part of in New Jersey.

The last picture is of some other charts that I bought which include:
Bent Creek - Wedding Row
Lizzie*Kate - Housework Never Killed Anyone
Lizzie*Kate - Normal is just a setting on the washer
The other design in the picture was a freebie from The Silver Needle & it just happens to be a design by one of my favourite people... Hinzeit. Of all the freebies I could have received I was absolutely over the moon at receiving this one, especially as before I placed the order I looked through all of the Hinzeit pages to see if they had anything new.

There were 3 other items that I received but at this point in time I am unable to to post a picture as the plan is that they're christmas gifts.... just don't ask me which year :-)

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Not much doing....

Once again another day & evening has passed me by with no sign of putting thread to fabric. It does disappoint me slightly but at the same time I've been busy blog hopping from my stitching group blogs on to further afield.

I have managed to add a WISP (Work In Slow Progress) column to my blog & in it have included my HAED design Dragon Riders. I guess what I'd really like to do is get around to turning the list into html links so that you can see the progress but I doubt i'll get around to it.

I also started a new blog yesterday, some random thoughts & memories that are unrelated to stitching. I added my signature to that blog too (with the assistance of DH).

We have 35 days left before me & mum head off to the Alexandra Palace Knit & Stitch show, very excited about that & can't wait to spend some money & buy up a bit of stash. More on that later I think.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Many thanks......

..... to my wonderful husband who just happens to be an IT genius. I've managed to do most of the changes to my blog myself but when it came to adding a signature I just couldn't work it out for love nor money, that & the fact that I don't have Photoshop on my PC.

Anyway... all done & I'm happy. It is now late & most of the evening has been taken up by me playing with my blog rather than stitching :-(

Nevermind, bank holiday weekend, I feel sure to make some progress on "Baby Love" :-)

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Just a quickie!

Well I didn't quite get all of the UFO's listed but maybe that will do for now, otherwise I'll just get a bit dispondent!

As you can see I've finally gotten around to finishing off the overhaul of my blog, just need to finish off my signature & I'm sorted. Will get around to that this weekend, it's bank holiday over here.

I haven't managed to get any stitching done since staying at my parents a few weeks ago, quite annoying really as I got quite into it & was looking forward to getting some complete. Never mind, I'll get there in the end..... I've got all the time in the world :-)

Friday, 21 August 2009

WIP's & UFO's

This evening I've decided to have a look at my WIPs & UFOs. I have one of my stash boxes beside me, well actually I have 3 boxes of stash (4 if you count my new box of goodies still sitting on my desk) beside me & my task is to work my way through them & see if I can get a list somewhere on my blog so check back at some point & see if I've managed it..... no guarantees :-)

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Finally :-)

I've ordered some stash... YAYYYYY.. one more time... YAYYYYYYYYYYY. Will post pics as soon as it arrives but it is coming from USA so unsure how long it'll take. I worked out earlier that it must be over a year since I had a real buy up session.

Short message as it's late & I'm tired. Off to Bluewater tomorrow to have a spend up of our wedding vouchers & money. More housey stuff & thats almost as much fun as buying stash... oh wait a minute, they have a habby section in John Lewis right??? ;-)

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

How exciting!

My baby boy took his first proper steps this evening :-)

He made his way from mummy on the sofa towards daddy on the armchair & he managed half way before falling over. We clapped & cheered, even Hannah was clapping. Little Robert was soooo excited he crawled as fast as he could back to mummy & went for a 2nd attempt. Unfortunately on this attempt the excitement took over & his legs were moving way too fast & he just collapsed in a heap of laughter.

Ok... now I'm busy playing with Last.FM, something I've been trying to get around to for ages.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Walk of Life

Our babies are in the midst of a massive transition, they are currently moving from baby to toddler... yikes!!!

Hannah has started walking now & is so funny, it's like watching a little drunk stumble across the lounge floor on route to either mummy or daddy. Robert has been paying very close attention the last few days & is now making his own attempts, which are proving even more amusing.

Today we visited the shops with some fabulous friends & one of my purchases is the Little Life Daysack. Hannah has a pink one & Robert has a blue one... surprise..surprise!! They are brilliant & we even saw two people using them while we were at the shops. I can't wait to start using them with the twins :-)

I have recently posted on Facebook two very short clips of the twins. One of them when they were playing with their birthday balloons back in May & the other one of Hannah taking her first proper steps. Both are funny & I'm so pleased that I am lucky enough to have these clips to look back on.

Thats me done for now... back to Facebook for a couple of games & updates before bed. xx

Friday, 26 June 2009

Did I Mention.....

Almost 2 months have passed since my last post... so much for me getting back to blogging. Anyhows, lets give it another go.

May saw the first birthday of the twins & a lovely day was had by all. The sun was shining & the garden was filled with family & close friends.

June we've been busy as hell, loads to do as we have only 8 days until the wedding... Oh... did I mention... we're getting married next Saturday, at Hever Castle :-)

Babies are sleeping at the moment & it won't be long before they're up, I don't think I'll head into town again today, maybe down to the park for a play on the swings.

Friday, 24 April 2009

News from me.

OMG. how long has it been since I ventured into the world of Blog?? I completely missed the month of March & almost the month of April too.

Well lots has been going on. At home the bathroom has been done so thats another huge job out the way. The shop sale is finally complete so I no longer own a Needlecraft shop. The biggest news of all, we've booked our wedding (there goes the money from the sale of the shop!!!). It's very exciting & the closer it gets, the more exciting it gets :-)

My mum has started cross stitching birth samplers for the babies. Gave up on a twin one, they just don't seem to exsist. Instead I've chosen two Historical Sampler Company Birth Samplers, Animal Patchwork for Robert & Sugar & Spice Patchwork for Hannah. I shall keep you updated on their progress.

That will have to do me for now, my friend is due any minute for dinner which the bloke has just gone out to fetch :-)

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Snow Joke!!

How amusing is this... in our dining room we have a cat flap which works really well as a cat flap but also doubles up as a gap to put the tumble dryer vent out of (the tumble dryer which is temporarily in the dining room because it's not in the cupboard that has no access... long story!). As you can see from this picture the vent from the dryer convieniently cleared some snow so that Mohair could make his way gingerly out the cat flap & survey his territory without so much as a flake of snow on a paw.

I decided to open the back door to take a couple of pictures of him & he is such a woos that he wouldn't budge an inch... so I got the biscuits out & gave a little shake.....

... Would you believe it, he took the plunge & over he came, even stopped for a sniff on his way. He jumped in the back door, ate some biscuits, went straight around to the cat flap & back outside on his perch.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Oh darn!!!!

I was going to post a nice up-to-date picture of the bambinos but now I realise they're on the laptop & not on here... don't you just hate that??????

Will attempt that one tomorrow maybe!

Thursday, 5 February 2009


Seriously... I've had this page open for what seems like hours to get going on a blog entry but in all honesty I am tired, DP is unwell, DD has a cold & DS has a cough & both are teething so the likelyhood of them waking up is extremely high.

**stop press** google earth has been updated so that you can now look underneath the ocean floor. I have just been informed of this & have absolutely no idea why I would find it useful to know!!

I am hoping that I soon have some happy news regarding the sale of my shop, will share soon. In the meantime I am off to get as much sleep as possible & to rock slowly in the corner humming my new favourite tune!!!!!!

............tri-an-gle......... heart........... star xx

Thursday, 15 January 2009


Well here it is... a fresh new look. I was going for "bright & breezy" but in doing so kind of got minimalist as lots of my add-ons appeared to disappear & now I have to work out what I had, what I want & then have to somehow find the time to sort it out.

On Sunday just gone the babies reached 8 months. Since then I have been meaning to book up their 8 month check with the health visitor, now I find that Friday is pretty much upon me & I haven't actually been able to make the call to book the appointment.... time flies when you're having fun...hmmm.

Stitching update - what is stitching? do I even remember how to do it? stitching challenge for this year...... to do some!!!!

Warcraft update - Warcraft... ahh yes... I have a vague recollection of it & even received the latest explansion pack as a christmas prezzie. Just need to plug the pc in & start updates... that could take a week in itself.

Family update - we finally moved house, yes... Hooorahhhh, we have indeed moved house. Love it & hate it at the moment. So much to do (incl unpacking boxes) & no time to do in.

Shop update - we don't talk about the FLUFFING shop... but today I find there may be light at the end of the tunnel.

I still have bottles to make up for the morning, a headache which has been lingering all day & now I'm ready to crash. It's been a long day... I am ready to sleep.


Tuesday, 13 January 2009


My god it has been a while.... 3 whole months have passed since my last post... some might say a year has passed!!!

I shall be back.. shortly... bambino wakey time is upon me.

Blog needs a re-vamp I think... new year... new look... new life... new me... you get the drift.