Thursday, 19 November 2009


Following the finish of Baby Love I've spent a week trying to pick a new UFO to work on. The winner is Christmas Trees... also by Cinnamon Cat.

The other thing I've come across is a new SAL (courtesy of Dragon My Needle & via the Speedy Stitcher). It's due to start on 1st December & it's called Christmas Design SAL. I've sorted out a christmas design & the idea is that I stitch on it every month for a year & by this time next year I'll have a lovely new design to hang..... fingers crossed anyway! My chosen design for this is Lizzie*Kate - Merry Christmas - By The Letter. Now all I need to do is sign up for the SAL & order the fabric & threads for a new start... yay :-)


  1. Very lovely! I like these patterns :o)

  2. Oh, this is a pretty design....but then so is the Lizzie Kate you've chosen for the Christmas Design SAL to which I'm here to welcome you. Will be looking forward to watching all your pretty stitches. Send along a picture of your design when you can and thanks for joining us.

  3. Pumpkin I love the Cinnamon Cat designs, Jane Henderson is the actual designer & she is a lovely person, I've met her several times.

    Yoyo, just got my picture downloaded to send you :-)


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