Thursday, 29 April 2010

A Win, A Surprise & A Sewing Project

Yesterday when I got home there was a little white envelope on my mat. I was pathetically excited to get it open as I knew what it was. Last week I won a giveaway on Carols blog, iStitch. It's the most wonderful little scissor fob & along with it in the jiffy bag is some pure silk hand-dyed threads from Dinky Dyes... what a wonderful surprise.

If you get chance please stop by at Carols iStitch blog, she is a wonderful designer & has created some beautiful samplers. I have some of them myself sitting in my "to do" folder & have promised myself I won't buy anymore until I've done at least one.... it is hard though as they are soooooo nice.

I have another photo to share with you, this is my latest sewing project. Nothing too big or exciting but I thought they were quite nice. Double sided fabric bookmarks. These were my first attempt at the bookmarks so hopefully they will improve.

My end game here is to gradually get enough little sewn items together to do a craft fair or indoor market type thing. This is why the cross stitch has taken a bit of back seat but it is still getting done. I am enjoying doing work with lots of different fabrics & shapes, I've also learnt alot about my sewing machine since January & I'm loving it.

Happy Stitching :-)

Monday, 19 April 2010

Fabric Scrap Challenge

Last week my friend Fran & I went on a trip to The World Of Sewing, it's about a 45min drive from here but with the traffic we encountered it was more like 1hr 45min. We were on the hunt for sewing machine accessories, trimmings, fabrics & a general browse to see what other goodies we could find. After that we headed over to C&H Fabrics for the exact same thing.

We came back with lots of bits & bobs for our sewing & in our new stash we had both picked up the same scrap bag of fabric bits. Three different colours of fabric. Fran happen to suggest that we have a challenge between us to see what we can both make with our scraps. After looking at the size of our scraps we decided it was acceptable in the challenge to add other fabrics to it.

Well here is my finish challenge piece... or pieces :-)

The fabric that I used in the middle & the ends was one that I added. The other three were from the scrap bag I bought with Fran. I decided to make two bags because I bought two zips, I really liked the idea of a red zip but wasn't sure if the colour was right so I bought a cream one too & both were perfect. I guess that means I have one bag for myself & one to sell.

Happy Stitching :-)

Finally... I'm back!

Is it just me or did the Easter Holidays seem to take forever to go by?? The twins nursery isn't open during school holidays so my one day a week for stitching has been lost. Not only that but none of the playgroups are open during holidays either.... it's been busy...busy...busy with twins around here.

Now to get back to some serious stuff... the stitching!

Only one picture to share with you at the moment & thats my TUSAL picture. I finally managed to take it on the right day but haven't got around to posting it until now. The light threads near the top are all from my Sampler Quilt & the dark purple on top is also from the quilt. Above that is from the Christmas Design SAL.

Back to my stitching for a while now. I'm busy making up a little zip up bag & it's time for the zips... this could go one of two ways so wish me luck.

Happy Stitching :-)