Monday, 19 April 2010

Fabric Scrap Challenge

Last week my friend Fran & I went on a trip to The World Of Sewing, it's about a 45min drive from here but with the traffic we encountered it was more like 1hr 45min. We were on the hunt for sewing machine accessories, trimmings, fabrics & a general browse to see what other goodies we could find. After that we headed over to C&H Fabrics for the exact same thing.

We came back with lots of bits & bobs for our sewing & in our new stash we had both picked up the same scrap bag of fabric bits. Three different colours of fabric. Fran happen to suggest that we have a challenge between us to see what we can both make with our scraps. After looking at the size of our scraps we decided it was acceptable in the challenge to add other fabrics to it.

Well here is my finish challenge piece... or pieces :-)

The fabric that I used in the middle & the ends was one that I added. The other three were from the scrap bag I bought with Fran. I decided to make two bags because I bought two zips, I really liked the idea of a red zip but wasn't sure if the colour was right so I bought a cream one too & both were perfect. I guess that means I have one bag for myself & one to sell.

Happy Stitching :-)


  1. Brilliant Lisa! Great job :o)

  2. Cute, adorable, wonderful!!!

  3. Oh they are gorgeous!
    I guess i'd better pull my finger out and get sewing!! lol

  4. Lovely little zip up pouches Lisa!


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