Wednesday, 26 March 2008

No rest for the wicked!!!

It seems that being a "Lady Wot Lunches" isn't quite all it's cracked up to be. Apart from anything I've found that daytime tv is absolute crap. This morning I actually found myself with Jerry Springer on the tv while I was getting ready to go out... now this can't be good!!!!!

I've been busy ebaying, very busy indeed, lots of bargains to be had on there at the moment so most of my days, you know...all 2 of them so far, have been taken up with photos, followed by listing, followed by more photos, followed by more listing. Basically I need to get rid of it all asap or we simply won't have enough space.

As for viewings on the flat, well to be honest I'm glad we haven't had any at the moment. Just when we get it into some kind of order for a viewing we manage to fill up the clear spaces with yet more crap or in this case stock!

I was hoping to get the Welcome House finished too as I wanted to drop it off to be framed on Monday but I can see that taking an even bigger back seat right now, the ebaying comes first.

If you fancy a browse please help yourself, I think at the moment it's mainly cross stitch & fabric... I haven't yet managed to unearth the knitting stock from the boxes yet but I'll get there in the end.
Ebay list

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

How cute are these?

Just had to share these with you. They were dropped off by one of my customers on Saturday morning, they are the softest hand knitted shoes & measure just a couple of inches (if that) each, aren't they just the cutest?

Monday, 24 March 2008


Just been doing some ebay research as it's been a while since I've done some serious selling on there, unfortunately I made the mistake of looking at the job lot / wholesale section for crafts... found lots that I fancy & thats really not the idea is it??

Not enough hours in the day!

Wow..... been so busy lately, all the good blog intentions have gone completely out the window. Until this morning that is :-)

On the baby front (literally). I just don't seem to be able to sleep past about 7am at the moment & sometimes 6am. The worst part is that I'm so tired. I still have just the one sleeping position available & it's the same position that I've had since October so thats becoming a real pain in the arse. Some good news, we do now have our lovely cots & mattresses to go with them at a slightly bargain price so they are all ready to be installed just as soon as the painting is finished in the spare room, won't take him long (bless him) & we have been extremely busy this bank holiday weekend. Poor bloke hasn't actually had much of a bank holiday weekend.

On the shop front. It still needs painting, the shop front that is. Bad weather, ie rain, hail & snow has kind of stopped play there so hopefully we'll be able to schlap on a bit of Sandtex later today. Most of our stock is packaged up & read to bring home, it's now just a case of tidying up the shelves etc that are there & throwing out the rubbish. Tip run this morning will be done while me & mum tidy & then it's a case of waiting for Irene to turn up so we can hand over the keys. I have no doubts that her & Suzy will make a success of their business, I only hope they get some signs up quick enough to explain to customers that they'll be open again in less than a week. People are so quick to judge, especially on that high street................ in the meantime, I'll be doing a heck of a lot of ebaying to get rid of the stock which is left over that they don't want. Most of it will be sold at a loss but at least it's sold & not just handed over free of charge.

On the stitching front...what is stitching?

I'm starving, babies need something to stop them munching away at my insides!!!

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Yay and... "oh"

Postman arrived this morning at the shop with my nice new, correct length, pair of Addi Turbo's.... Wooo Hoooo.

Something that didn't really occur to me until opening the packet... the actual needles would be much shorter too. My first thought was... oh god how on earth am I going to use those, they look like circulars for babies to use!!!!! My second thought was that Fran will be thinking "oh, the uneducated!!!" luv her!!!

Once again I will be dashing home this evening to try out my nice new short circular needles for my nice new Alpaca hat. You can guarantee that by the time I finish it summer will be here (or we'll be heading into winter... won't confirm which year that might happen to be!)

On the stitching front... I have made further progress on Welcome House, I'm resisting posting a picture as it's soooo close to being complete that I'd rather wait, but rest assured, it WILL be done soon.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

How frustrating!

Most crafty type people will be able to relate to the fact that when we want something to start a new project that we want it & we want it now!!!!!

To start a knitted hat project I needed a new pair of needles so I consulted with the Circular Needle Oracle that is.. Fran.. & then I ordered up some Addi Turbos to be delivered to the shop. Well the numpties today decided to send my needles to my Invoice address instead of my Delivery address so there I was desperate to start, left my stitching at home in preperation but then found I couldn't get started..... ok... not to worry... I'll get going as soon as I get home.

Once at home I eagerly cast on asap only to find that I'd ordered the wrong length of circular... needed a shorter one **cry**.

Will order a new one tomorrow, bored with that for today!

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Yay.. new toys!

More good news.
After leaving the baby show on Friday we headed over to Bluewater for some lunch & a little bit shopping. Only one shop in mind, John Lewis. I've been after a new sewing machine for a while & after having no luck at the trade show & then no comment regarding the stitching show I decided it was time to quit messing around & do the sensible thing. After searching online & finding that no one appears to sell cheap new machines I bought a nice posh one in JL. I am now the proud owner of a Janome DC3050 **yayyyyyy** big cheer!

Had loads of fun at the shop this afternoon, got together a pile of goodies for my first project & play with my nice new machine. Worked out what colour fabrics to use, got some threads, interfacing, felt, ribbons, velcro coins & spare machine needles. Had to do an order with a supplier so went through & ordered stuff for the shop & then of course some stuff for my new projects. You have no idea how much fun it was..... well ok so you might! After getting all that together I needed to finish tidying my desk as soon as I got home as my machine needs a living area where it's easily accessible & then the dinner got in the way & then things took a turn for the worst, I realised I'd left all my fabric at the damn shop. Suddenly I was distraught, having no fabric at home available for my play session (seriously, none spare, it's all tied up with other projects at home). We found ourselves on a quick drive back to the shop to pick up my fabrics.... ho hum... what kind of a numpty was I? (prey don't answer that!).

Well thats where I am at the moment... machine is good to go, well you know once I plug it in & dig out some instructions but hey.. it's a sewing machine... who needs instructions??????