Thursday, 15 January 2009


Well here it is... a fresh new look. I was going for "bright & breezy" but in doing so kind of got minimalist as lots of my add-ons appeared to disappear & now I have to work out what I had, what I want & then have to somehow find the time to sort it out.

On Sunday just gone the babies reached 8 months. Since then I have been meaning to book up their 8 month check with the health visitor, now I find that Friday is pretty much upon me & I haven't actually been able to make the call to book the appointment.... time flies when you're having fun...hmmm.

Stitching update - what is stitching? do I even remember how to do it? stitching challenge for this year...... to do some!!!!

Warcraft update - Warcraft... ahh yes... I have a vague recollection of it & even received the latest explansion pack as a christmas prezzie. Just need to plug the pc in & start updates... that could take a week in itself.

Family update - we finally moved house, yes... Hooorahhhh, we have indeed moved house. Love it & hate it at the moment. So much to do (incl unpacking boxes) & no time to do in.

Shop update - we don't talk about the FLUFFING shop... but today I find there may be light at the end of the tunnel.

I still have bottles to make up for the morning, a headache which has been lingering all day & now I'm ready to crash. It's been a long day... I am ready to sleep.



  1. Waddaya mean you don't have time to stitch....motherhood is the easiest time of your life ;)

  2. Welcome back to Bloggerland missus!

    Will have to have a proper catch up soon, want me to come round and watch children while you unpack some boxes next week some time??

    *hugs* fx


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