Wednesday, 30 September 2009

An Eve of Stitching

This evening I've put some time in on Baby Love. It's coming along really nicely & I've almost completed the main bulk of the design. I'm trying my best to get it done so that I can do the backstitch on it as I know that once the backstitch is on the design will really come to life & thats when the enthusiasm will really kick in to finish it off. Being such a small design it really shouldn't take me that long once I'm past the backstitch point.

Hopefully I'll get a picture posted tomorrow.... would have got that done this evening but the battery is dead again... maybe I should request a new one for christmas.

I've made some nice progress on the christmas gift stitching that I began last week, I'm pleased with the colour so far on the fabric. No picture to be posted of this until after christmas so a long wait I'm afraid.

Only 8 days to the Knit & Stitch show, can't wait. I hope there is lots of stitching there, I'll be gutted if there isn't. I do know that Historical Sampler Company will be there & both mum & me love their samplers so it'll be nice to see them & anything new that they have on offer :-)

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