Thursday, 3 September 2009

Not much doing....

Once again another day & evening has passed me by with no sign of putting thread to fabric. It does disappoint me slightly but at the same time I've been busy blog hopping from my stitching group blogs on to further afield.

I have managed to add a WISP (Work In Slow Progress) column to my blog & in it have included my HAED design Dragon Riders. I guess what I'd really like to do is get around to turning the list into html links so that you can see the progress but I doubt i'll get around to it.

I also started a new blog yesterday, some random thoughts & memories that are unrelated to stitching. I added my signature to that blog too (with the assistance of DH).

We have 35 days left before me & mum head off to the Alexandra Palace Knit & Stitch show, very excited about that & can't wait to spend some money & buy up a bit of stash. More on that later I think.

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