Sunday, 8 February 2009

Snow Joke!!

How amusing is this... in our dining room we have a cat flap which works really well as a cat flap but also doubles up as a gap to put the tumble dryer vent out of (the tumble dryer which is temporarily in the dining room because it's not in the cupboard that has no access... long story!). As you can see from this picture the vent from the dryer convieniently cleared some snow so that Mohair could make his way gingerly out the cat flap & survey his territory without so much as a flake of snow on a paw.

I decided to open the back door to take a couple of pictures of him & he is such a woos that he wouldn't budge an inch... so I got the biscuits out & gave a little shake.....

... Would you believe it, he took the plunge & over he came, even stopped for a sniff on his way. He jumped in the back door, ate some biscuits, went straight around to the cat flap & back outside on his perch.

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