Thursday, 28 January 2010

Starry Update & TUSAL

A small update for you on my Sweet Dreams star. This of course is my 2010 Challenge piece. I was going to stitch it steadily & take my time but I have to admit when I see people completing up to their 5th item for this year already it does kind of make me want to finish it sooner rather than later. After that the thoughts of what to stitch next come flooding into my mind & then nothing gets stitched as I'm too busy adding to my ever growing stash :-)

The 2nd update today is on my Totally Useless SAL. I was supposed to post a picture about 2 weeks ago now but I was struggling to find a glass to put the threads in. Well I finally found something. A little glass jar. It's not what I was ideally looking for but it's cute & dumpy. I did think that maybe it'll be temporary jar & i'll keep looking for what I really wanted but then I thought no... this is what I've chosen, if I find something else that I like then it'll just have to wait until next year :-)

Happy Stitching :-)


  1. Don't feel bad about not having a finish yet. For myself, I only have a few finishes because they are rather small in size and I have no life (i.e. no job, part time student,etc). LOL

    Cute jar! Is it gonna be big enough for the year?

  2. It all about the journey of stitching. I love the larger projects because I hate quick finishes. Such a beautiful lid to you cute and dumpy jar.

  3. Lookin' good Lisa!

    Hey, I don't have TWINS to look after! Don't you dare feel badly. It will come in time :o)

  4. Your Sweet Dreams star is really sweet and I'm sure you will finish it soon.

    I always forget to post pictures of TUSAL on the right date, in fact I haven't posted for ages. It also took me ages to find the right container and now I have two - a small monthly one and a yearly one. At the end of each month I transfer the threads to the 'year' jar so when I post again it will be my 2009 collection of orts!

  5. Sweet Dreams is looking wonderful :)

  6. Don't worry about the jar. I like Carol R's suggestion. Plain glass flower vases are sometimes good and you can get some unusual shapes. Good luck with the stitching.


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