Monday, 28 April 2008


Believe it or not for a brief moment today I considered changing the title on my blog, reason being that no stitching has been done for ages & with the pending arrival of two bambinos I can't see any being done in the near future.... that said... I decided to leave it as it is. Although most of the blog now contains Life rather than Stitching Life I figured that the whole time it remains as Stitching Life it will at some point give me the inspiration to continue with my passion!

So much time today was spent lounging on the sofa that I was rewarded with a trip to Bluewater, our main purchase of the evening... curtains for the babies room. We shall be leaving the blind up as it keeps the room quite dark when closed & then adding the cream curtains so hopefully that'll create the much sort after darkness for babies sleepy time. I also got myself a couple of cheap maternity tops from Dot P, my long & 3/4 sleeve ones are just becoming so restrictive the warmer I get that I just need vests at the moment, at least they aren't expensive as to be honest I don't intend keeping them once i've (hopefully) shrunk back to my pre-pregnancy size.

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