Monday, 19 November 2007


I've just recevied an email from New Jersey... WVAS have shipped me some stash... I can't wait for it to arrive. To be honest i've actually forgotten some of the items that I'm expecting but I know I'll have plenty to bet getting on with & lots of Weeks Dye Works & Gentle Art threads which are really expensive over here. Hopefully I'll get to share the list with you before the week is out.

Did some more work on the Christmas Cracker today, almost all the way around with the red part of the border, then it'll be filling in of the white bits before completion. Not quite sure where to put my name & year as of yet.

Tim is here at the moment, him & Greg are playing with electronics things & it doesn't sound like it's going that well... they differ slightly with the views on the what they are actually seeing on screen & what they are trying to put on their board!!!!! (means nowt to me)

Did some WoW-ing this evening, played with my low level char called... Lisaa... yayy, managed to get her from level 4 to level 8 so hopefully we'll be able to quest with one of Lee's low levels soon.

Think i'll have to have some cereal before bed. Hopefully i'll get a better nights sleep than I did last night.


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