Friday, 2 November 2007

Ahhhh....back to reality!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007, 01:29 PM

So i'm thinking now that the fabric mound has improved or least made its way back to it's pre-holiday level, it's time to get back to the stitching & gaming side of things.

That first venture back into the land of Azeroth was chaos, I had no idea where I was, what I was doing there & how the hell to get out. Must admit I did quite good compared to Greg who after 5 minutes couldn't remember how to "exit" the game.. most amusing.
Sunday was a vast improvement & just when I thought I was back up to speed there was Monday, an instance.. felt like i'd been chucked back in at the deep end. The spells would work, the healing wouldn't work, I couldn't move... these things were of course all perfectly fine but I just didn't know how to do them. After a couple of deaths & no doubt some serious mumbling aloud by my guild/group mates I got it together... Tuesday will be a doddle!!!!

The Cabin part of Cabin In The Woods is now complete, moved onto the alphabet part now & will slowly meet the left edge of the design. Still not bored which is amazing for me a the moment, although the colours are slightly monotonous I am not having to "plough" on & the design is still enjoyable.. quick stitch more before this wears off!
The Welcome House has had no work this week, no UFO SAL stitching for me, next week.
My list of items I'd like to start next is now evergrowing. I had promised myself that when finishing the Welcome House I'd start the Janlynn Christmas sampler but now I'm thinking that I need to allocate myself another UFO so that will be 2 projects taking the place of just one. When finishing the Cabin in the Woods I was going to rush & start the Red Thread series as this looks fantastic but along with that I have several other from my holiday stash that I would desperately like to start, let alone the stash that I already have........

whats a girl to do????

Lise xx

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