Monday, 12 November 2007

Almost time....

... for a happy dance.... but not quite yet. Did some more work today on the Bent Creek christmas cracker & while having a bit of a lull at work I picked out some really nice fabric ready for the Bent Creek Snow design. I have most of the threads but the design calls for 2 Weeks Dye Works & after checking out the DMC alternatives I decided it was best to stick with the WDW as the DMC just doesn't do the design justice.

So... while I ordered both of those it seemed a bit silly to get just 2 threads & pay £1 delivery so I looked up another Bent Creek that I knew I had & ordered up the speciality threads for that too. Which called for a mixture of WDW & Gentle Art. Hopefully they should be with me Wednesday. I had them shipped to home rather than the shop as I know I'll be at home for most of Wed & if I'm not they should certainly be small enough to post through the letterbox.

Haven't heard anything yet from Tawny at WVAS which is starting to annoy slightly now as it's been several months & although I don't mind waiting I was expecting the package to be shipped a couple of weeks ago but have heard nothing since. I was hoping to have gotten the Hinzeit design stitched as it's a really nice xmas one... never mind... it's not like I haven't got more than enough to get no with (for the next 100 years)

Shopping tomorrow at Bluewater... fingers crossed we get lots of xmas things sorted.

Nighty night xx

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