Friday, 2 November 2007

Evening... Morning... Afternoon... whatever!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2007, 07:49 PM

It's Sunday evening here in wet New York... at least I think it's Sunday & it could well be evening, either that or the cloud is just toooo dark.

Flight here was good, an hour delay, the stupid people at Heathrow took ages loading our luggage, but it only took 6 & half hours to get here so that was fine, we had plenty of space too, very nice indeed. It was some ridiculous UK hour that we arrived but only 10.30est so the night was young.. apparently!

Hotel..... well the less said about that the better, will share more later once I can get on the photos that we took before checking out of the hotel after only 18 hours & moving a little up town to a fantastic Marriot Residence Inn, brand new & a stones throw from Time Square.

Today was B&H Cameras... Gregory can share more about that but you can guarantee we'll be going back before the week is out. After that was Macy's.. The Biggest Department Store In The World. Thank you Miss Lotay for recommending concierge for our discount card, most useful

Off to New Jersey tomorrow... my fav shoppping date.

Finished at the bar for the evening, off to our Studio Suite now for some relaxation before brekkie in the morning.. yes.. this Marriott comes with breakfast included

Lise xx

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