Sunday, 18 November 2007

Ug :-(

I feel awful today. Haven't felt right all day. Can't stand the constant feeling that I get in my gut, it's a nightmare to determine what it means, am I hungry? is it trapped wind? etc etc. I'm tired all of the time & just want to lounge about & do naff all.

I gotta get up in plenty of time tomorrow as I have to meet someone at the shop & the last time I was doing this I got really hacked off as the stupid bastard didn't turn up, instead he sent his sodding brother-in-law. If that happens tomorrow I'm going to have to have words with him because it's not only hard enough getting up in the morning for work with the constant sickness but getting up on a Monday morning is 10 times worse.

On the Christmas Cracker I've finished the border across the top & started down the right hand side, more progress tomorrow I think.

I have a Mirabilia completed on ebay at the moment which is due to finish tomorrow & can you believe that I have no bids on it what so ever... nightmare, even if the damn thing goes for the £20 starting price it'll be better than having to put it back in the shop. Fingers crossed something happens to it.

Speaking of ebay, that illness that is "stash buying" happened yesterday. I was randomly looking around ebay for nowt in particular & happened to come across a Bent Creek design that I didn't have. I checked through my stash (all places) & couldn't find it so started the bid process, when I was outbid instantly I decided to go for the snipe process. I looked into how much it would cost me to purchase the chart, inc P&P, in the UK & then decided what I would make my highest bid. I was there with just 17 seconds to go & bid my best.... luckily I won & managed to get it for about half what I was willing to pay... bargain... WINNER!!!!!!!

Ug... to bed I think.


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