Friday, 2 November 2007

This time next week....

Friday, October 5, 2007, 12:15 PM

...we'll be in sunny Portugal. AND in case you are wondering I have checked the forecast (she says, quickly looking again!) ok so the 10 day forecast has it at 22oC from the day we arrive.. I can live with that. Not stifling hot & not cold either although anyone that knows me well will know that I'll probably be cold no matter what.

My stitching has been going well lately. At home I'm working on "Under The Arch" from Heritage, it's growing quite nicely & will most likely be the project I take on holiday (if indeed I can be bothered to take one on holiday). In the shop I have the "Welcome House" which is making good progress, recently started on the top section which is the last part. Updated image on gallery this afternoon. I also have the HAED Dragon Riders which I had planned to do week on/week off but with the Welcome House making such good progress I have continued with it so no image to upload on that one yet.

Warcraft has taken a bit of a backseat the last week or 2, so many other things to be done that take time it is truely difficult working out how to fit it all in but we shall do what we usually do, get back into it with a vengence I'm sure.

Lunch time soon, nice Orzo pasta salad for me with slow roasted tomatos. Washed down with some West Wing season 5.... luv it!

Lise xx

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