Friday, 2 November 2007

They took offence......

Wednesday, August 29, 2007, 04:03 PM

....well not actually offence but more like "the fence". Finally, after what is probably 2 years from initially discussing it the fence down our side of the most beautiful property that we live in is being replaced. Well I hope it anyway as they've taken away the existing piece of crap that was commonly referred to as the fence & so far there is nothing in it's place. I'm sure it'll look lovely when done & I'm even contemplating putting up some trelis to grown something up.. yes thats right... I can do garden stuff when the mood takes me!!!

I hope they get rid of the annoyingly large tree that grows high to block out our light & hangs over the dirt & weed patch that I affectionately call our garden.

Mohair is currently asleep on the back of his favourite armchair, ok I know we only have 1 armchair but it's still his favourite.. for this week anyhow. I'm certain that he has one eye on the open window where they are working on the fence & the other eye on the window where he is to make sure that next doors kitten doesn't come bounding in to his territory, not that he'd defend it that well, just makes lots of hissing & spitting noises while the kitten looks on.. not budging an inch. We really do have a woos of a cat!!

Speaking of which... need to visit vet to pick up flea & worm stuff.

See ya

Lise xx

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