Friday, 2 November 2007

The Ever Growing Fabric Mound

Wednesday, June 13, 2007, 10:19 AM

Ok so we've been back from holiday what 2 days now.

The unpacking is now complete although I have no idea why this appears to take such a long time & although our nice new suitcase & hand luggage bag are empty & in their rightful storage area... you know the spare room... the entire contents of the cases is now in the lounge so that just looks like someone broke in & trashed the place.

I have managed to "play" with some of my new toys. Went out yesterday with the new Ipod & the Nike+ trainers for a nice walk, was very good, very impressed with this amazing little device that sends info from the trainers to the ipod & then when you get home you plug the Ipod in & that sends all the info from your walk or run to where you can track your progress, ie distances & times etc. Like it lots.

Haven't dragged out my new "stash" yet of stitching goodies, am saving that for when the lounge is in some kind of order & then I shall sit & look at everything that I bought... can't wait

Until that time I have to deal with the laundry which when it comes to washing isn't really that bad, you chuck it in the machine & an hour later hey presto, if the sun isn't shining then it does tend to hang around for a bit on the clothes airer & then comes the worst part.. yep.. you got it.. the ironing... the time grows nearer to deal with the ever growing fabric mound!!!

Lise xx

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