Friday, 21 December 2007

Been a while... sorry!

Ok... it has indeed been a while.. but bare with me... I've been a tad on the busy side.

To start with we found out that our little bundle of joy to be expected on June 4th actually turned out to be a kitten... no.. just kidding.. we have twins.. Yayy... 2 little bundles of joy & most likely to be expected around the middle of May because lets face it although I'm a large girl even I can run out of space to house the little blighters!!!

Since finding out & going through almost 2 weeks of walking around like a zombie coming to terms with the idea of having two babies at the same time we have put our home up for sale, started looking for a new one & on top of that managed all of our xmas shopping too.

We had of course decided to close the shop but that brought us a few interested parties in the business itself. One of those turned out to be a complete waste of time & didn't even bother informing us of their intentions or lack thereof. Another has proved quite productive & looks like it could be going somewhere. A new interest has recently arrived but so far no definate info so we'll keep an open mind on that one for the time being. The best news about the most productive interest is that they have a vision to continue the store as it is but add to the stitching & wool ranges but also increase the haby side & add fabrics too.

Of course the sale of the business will also mean that we could buy a new car which will be essential as my little KA is not going to cut the mustard when it comes to twins & the paraphenalia that will no doubt come with them.

Ok... that will do for now I think.

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