Monday, 24 December 2007

Merry Christmas

What a wonderful surprise I had this week. A friend of mine popped into the shop & produced a lovely gift bag full of goodies. I certainly wasn't expecting them & it left me quite humbled. I have to say that it has renewed my faith in good persons... and what a lovely person she is too.

I've been online shopping this evening... christmas eve.. how good is that??? Heaven & Earth Designs have a one day 30% off sale, well it would have been rude not to take part would it not? The design I chose was Ice Dragon, it's a nice blue design that will complement my Dragon Riders nicely... now all I have to do is make progress on that one!

I haven't yet chosen my 2008 Challenge piece for the stitching forum but I have a few days to decide, as long as I let them know before the end of the year I'll qualify for the challenge.

Dad has just informed me that the xmas table is laid & that the turkey has just one hour left to cook. Brother is playing with xmas gifts ready for the boys in the morning & we're watching Deep Space Nine while tinkering on the pc's.

Consultant appointment went well today, saw 2 little heartbeats, heard what we thought was 2 little heartbeats & made an appoitment for a couple of days after our ultrasound scan. Hopefully Greg will be able to make both appointments as I'm loosing track on what I need him for & what I don't... we can discuss it later. Still unsue as to whether we find out what sex our babies are... we're having that dilemma at the moment. Will keep you posted!

Nighty night & Merry Christmas.

Lise xx

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