Friday, 18 January 2008

Where every day is a Monday!!!

I appear to be stuck in some kind of groundhog day style loop where every morning appears to be like a Monday morning. I've already had to amend my opening hours to allow for my new timescales & I've given myself a whole day off mid week but still i'm struggling. No matter how long it takes me to get myself up & to work I still end up here absolutely exhausted & just need to rest, thats the point where I wish I was still at home. Usually I can calm myself after about 30min/1hour but if the customers are flowing I just end up in a bit of a state. Maybe I should be just putting up with these things & not quite whinging so much but it's difficult, having never felt like this before it's almost impossible not to voice my opinions to anyone that cares to listen.

On the stitching front I believe I picked up "Street" the other day (Tuesday I think) & you know I may have even put in more than 6 stitches.. woohoo!! I shall be having another go at that today as I simply can't be arsed to do anything else except sit & peruse my dvd's :-)

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