Monday, 7 January 2008

Pic of a WIP.. yes another one!

Ok so it's been a week since the start of the year & apart from some wonderful progress on day 1 I have yet to put another stitch in either of my Challenge pieces, this is not really surprising for me & I haven't actually put a stitch in another design so at least the challenge pieces are not alone :-)

I did bring home all of the WIP's that I had at the shop, this included the Quilt Sampler, Welcome House, Cabin In The Woods & Snow. Hopefully you should be seeing a picture of the progress on Snow so far... if not then I really did mess up the uploading of that picture as I thought I had.

This evening will be spent in our "Hobby" room... once known as The Office (for Greg's business), then dubbed the Spare Room & now it's our Hobby room as there is certainly nothing Spare about it & that includes space. We have some work to be done for business sale which has made some progress (allbeit slow) & that involves Greg mainly so I'm here purely for moral support so I thought I'd file away the WIP's for now & maybe add a few (don't want to get any hopes up) stitches to "Street".

You know I really need to spruce up this blog page, it's looking a little dull... maybe I'll see if I can find a fetching picture of myself to add.... ok ok... maybe one of the Mohair instead.. we shall see!!

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