Thursday, 31 January 2008

UnFinished Object.... but getting there!!!

So here we have one of my UFO projects. Welcome House by Cinnamon Cat. This project was started in March 2006 & I made some fantastic quick progress on it & then I hit the little pink flowers, damn things... too many fractional stitches & it just about finished me off, the rest of the design has taken me a while to get going on & progress has been slow. There isn't much left to be done & I think that makes it even more frustrating, we shall see what happens this Sunday when it's UFO stitching day.

I have to say that I truely love this design & can't wait to have it finished, framed & on the wall. I would hope at that at some point this year it may hang in our new home :-)

And on the new home front, nothing new, we've had to drop the price in order to get some more viewings. We have someone coming on Saturday & someone else coming on Sunday so prey that at least one of them may put an offer in..... we're running out of time!!!!

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