Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Fingers Crossed

We had a viewing this evening on the flat, hopefully it went well, you never can tell but they were here for ages & looked at everywhere loads & then stood outside chatting with the agent for probably another 10 minutes after that. The young lady kept looking back at the building so I guess we'll just have to wait until tomorrow when the agents gives us a call & lets us know exactly what they thought. Annoyingly as I was staring out the window trying desperately to hear what they were saying Mohair went wandering past the window & off towards to the garden gate where 4 persons were standing. After they went he came wandering in the lounge window & do you think the little sod would share what they were saying... NOPE... not on your life. He sits there just staring at them while chat & just doesn't give me an inkling when he gets back..... cats...nightmare!

Monday was a bit of a bad/good day. I had to get up early to be in the shop at 9am for my framer.... exhausted me a bit, I just didn't realise how much. Luckily after I'd managed to calm myself & started re-stocking the yarns Franny turned up :-) this was a bonus, she was kind enough to get lots of yarns down off the shelf for me & generally helped me stock up so a huge thank you to Fran. Oh yeah & I forgot to show you these, check them out, Fran made them for me & brought them in last week.... I just know that you'll all be jealous as hell but it's tough, they're mine. With any luck I'll make a fabby pair of socks using them & make her very proud.


  1. Oooooh, a viewing! Good luck with that *crosses fingers*
    You should get a little spy cam for Mohairs collar, then he wouldn't be able to keep any secrets from you ;o)

    As for the stitchmarkers, whatever you use them for is fine by me, but once them babies turn up you'll have no time for sock knitting or anything else for that matter so if you want me to turn them into earrings just shout *lol*
    I'll be in on Monday for more shelf tidying and gossiping, shall i bring the usual? :oD

  2. Oh yes indeedy... the usual would be fab.
    We're not heading to Sandown Park this weekend so of course I will require a run down of your trip plus viewing of any purchases :-)))


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