Sunday, 8 January 2012

Cross Stitch Update & Ooops.... more New Stuff :)

Here I give you the first update on my Lizzie*Kate cross stitch & in the words of Rolf Harris "Can you tell what it is yet???" LOL

Next, I recently visited a local quilt store that has relocated over the festive season to a nice new location. Larger premises, more fabric, better parking, what more could you ask for??

Well I had to go for some interfacing but unfortunately I thought I'd have a browse at the FQ's & I came across a lovely leaf pattern on cream & totally fell in love with it, so much so that I couldn't just buy the FQ but had to buy enough to use in a quilt & then (with the help of a friend), I just HAD to choose some further fabrics to go with it, thus giving me a new quilt project.... Ooops!

I also picked up a couple of FQ's with some yummy cupcakes on. These are for a project that I need to have a few dummy runs on first just to make sure I have all my measurements correct.

Oh yeah & some more FQ's, these are for a kiddy project that I also need to do some dummy runs on before cutting into these adorable fabrics.

Happy Stitching :)


  1. It looks to me like Life Is Just a Setting on the Washer. Great start on it and pretty fabrics.

  2. Great new fabric. I don't know what your L*K is but is looking lovely.

  3. Love the leafy fabric, can't wait to see what you create with it :)

  4. Was it good? Is it lovely? Not been yet :D Fabrics look fabulous- naturally we favour the paw prints!!

  5. Oh I know! It's called 'Is Just A' ;o) LOL! JK! Melissa called it first.

    LOVE the fabrics you got! Especially the cupcake ones :o)

  6. And here I actually knew that one, lol. Ah, well, as always, I'm behind :) Good luck with your project!!


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