Thursday, 19 January 2012

Cross Stitch Progress

I totally missed out on posting the last update on my cross stitch so here you have two update images. I'm really enjoying stitching this design & I think you did indeed guess the name of it correctly. Normal Is Just A Setting On The Washer :)

On the sewing side of things I've been busy designing a New York Beauty quilt & cutting out fabrics for some small makes for a craft table that I'm having in February, so quite busy but not alot of photos or progress to show for it.

Oh yeah & on the design side of things, I'd REALLY like a copy of EQ7, so if anyone woulf like to send me one out of the kindness of their heart... please feel free :) LOL

Happy Stitching :)


  1. Lovely progress. I love this saying.

  2. Great progress Lisa :o) What is EQ7?

  3. EQ7 is Electronic Quilt 7, it's a design program for quilting. Would save me a life time of using coloured pencils LOL


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