Monday, 31 January 2011

Same Quilt, More Life

Yep that's right, been working on my Pinwheel quilt again. Lots of progress today while I was at Franney's house.

Squaring up the blocks

Sewing the blocks together

Starting to add the narrow border

Narrow border complete

I'm really pleased with the sudden quick progress of this quilt. I still have to add the wider border & then the top is all done. The wide border fabric is one of my favourites, hopefully before the week is out you'll get to see it too.

Happy stitching :-)


  1. Oh my! That is looking AWESOME!
    It's coming together so quickly and it looks better every time i see it :oD

  2. fantastic. Isn't it thrilling when it all starts to happen quickly.

  3. It really is coming together nicely and fast! You must be so pleased :o)


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