Saturday, 8 January 2011

TUSAL & Happy New Year

Happy New Year

I know I'm about a week late but things have been hectic around here. The twins have been enjoying christmas everyday for a good two weeks & a couple of days ago one of them even asked if Father Christmas was bringing more toys. I think we have just about managed to fit everything in the house.

I've done no stitching for days if not weeks & it feels like I'm having withdrawal symptoms, luckily next week gets back to normal around here (finally). Twins club is back on, nursery is back on & it means I get my "work" days back... hooray!

Here is a picture of my little orts jar for the year 2010. The pictures were taken on the 4th Jan as that was the new moon & the day in which we post for the TUSAL (i'm late again!). I'm quite pleased it's full, means that I really did do some stitching last year... I must remember to keep a list of all my finishes this year (if any!). Now the jar will be emptied & the TUSAL will start all over again :-)

I have lots of things still to post about & hopefully over the next week or so I may get the time to share some with you. They include:
  • Stitching goals for 2011
  • More stitching stash
  • New fabric storage

Happy stitching :-)


  1. Your orts jar looks fab. Look forward to hearing all your news for 2011.

  2. I bet the kiddies had a fun Christmas :o)

    Happy New Year Lisa!

  3. Beautiful ORTs for 2010, Lisa! Thanks for joining my SAL!


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