Monday, 29 March 2010


Patience is something that I don't really have much of & considering how little I have I am surprised that I get any stitching completed at all. As you know every Monday evening I've been off to an evening quilt class where I've working on Roberts sampler quilt. Every day I go i've been admiring a quilt they had hanging up advertising a Saturday workshop. Well at the last minute I booked myself up for the days course & took myself off last Saturday to spend the day sewing.
Our tutor for the day was the much published & author of her own book Quilting-on-the-go, Carolyn Forster. The quilt for the day is called Patience Corner Quilt.

There were six of us taking the class, a real mix of experienced quilters to the complete beginner. Carolyn was excellent & took the time to explain even the most basic parts of getting started. I was impressed with how the quilt top came together so quickly. The 9 patch start seems to give so many alternative patterns, I can't wait to get going on some more variations. As you can see from the pictures I chose a mixture of pinks & lilacs as this one is to be a quilt for Hannah.
The first quilt here top left is Carolyns quilt, the one that I admired every week for 9 weeks :-) Carolyn asked us to lay out what we'd completed during the day so that we could all see what everyone else has done, she is here at the head of the table. Some lovely coloured quilt tops, it's always really nice to see how everyones quilts turn out, especially as we've all done the same pattern but they took totally different.

Here are my completed blocks.

A very successful day, it was over far too quickly. A huge thank you to Carolyn Forster. So many little details that she mentioned throughout the day really made me think about the projects I'm doing & intend to do, so much so that some of them I have already changed thread colours & fabric placement etc.

This evening I have the last of my evening classes over at Thread Bear & will hopefully have a picture to show you later this week of Roberts Sampler Quilt. I know that I will stand & admire the next quilt Carolyn is to teach on a one day class, it's called Star & Lattice. They've hung it in exactly the same place that the Patience quilt was. I shall just avoid looking.

I may even get to post some cross stitch updates later this week. I have totally lost my Monday stitching day for 3 weeks now as the twins nursery is closed for 2 weeks over Easter & then another Monday for staff training... oh how I wish they'd do the training on a Friday!!!

Thats it for now... I'm off to play with new obsession of Selvage Edge Quilts. Thank you again Mrs Forster!!

Happy Stitching :-)


  1. That looks amazing Lisa, Hannah will love it <3

  2. Love the design Lisa! Looks like a lot of work there.

  3. Looks like you had a fun class Lisa! Lovely design.


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