Friday, 21 May 2010

One Week.... Three Hats :-)

Hat Number 1
Earlier in the year my friend Franney & I went to the Sandown Park craft fair & I was lucky enough to be granted a wish of a new hat made by Franney... all I had to do was pick the yarn :-) This week my hat was completed, our Wednesday sewing day saw the final stitches knitted up on my new hat & it was trying it on time...... Perfect... I love it. The colours, the size, everything. It's wonderful, what do you think?

Hat Number 2
This week the weather over here suddenly took a turn for the better, someone switched on summer. Yesterday we saw temperatures of about 25c. I fished out the twins sun hats & sun cream & then went on the hunt for my sun hat. Well I couldn't hunt forever as I was due out, for a picnic in the sunshine. I headed down to town & on route to the picnic bought myself a nice new sunhat.... to start with a picked up a white version but then just as I was about to pay I spotted this version (the photo makes it look lighter than it actually is) & thought it was much more "me". I totally love it & I do believe it will look fabulous when I'm on my holiday next month... yay, just 30 days to go :-)

Hat Number 3
I think you'll just have to wait until after my Race For Life to see hat number 3.

Happy Sunshine Stitching :-)


  1. Great job Lisa! I'm not really a hat person. I'll wear a baseball hat on those bad hair days but that's about it. DH doesn't understand it. LOL!

  2. Love both hats. I'm not good at wearing hats - they tend to wear me.... but Fran is teaching me! ;)

  3. Oooooh, loving the summer hat Lisa, very you!
    Noo, anyone can wear a hat, you just have to find the right shape to suit you ;o)


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