Monday, 15 February 2010

Quilt Catch Up

Another two parts of my Sampler Quilt are now finished. Both are versions of Layering & Slashing. The first is three layers with sections cut back to reveal the lower layers.
The second is a Chenille style of Layering & Slashing. An extra layer of fabric has been put into this one to make the chenille extra soft & fluffy feeling. One of my stitching lines went slightly wonky on this one & I was going to unpick it to have another go but have instead decided to leave it. This is my first quilt so maybe it'll be nice to one day look back at the imperfections.
This week I'm already making great progress on Roberts Sweet Dreams sampler. Bless him, he is feeling much better & is back to a lovely 12 hour night time sleep :-) Hopefully the coughs & colds will be over soon & Spring will finally be with us!

My Race For Life sponsorship is going well & I'm hoping to get some serious training in... just as soon as it stops snowing. Of course it does mean that I'm going to have to stitch the wonderful Lizzie*Kate design Peace, Love & A Cure... what luck... I just happen to have all the threads I need :-)

Happy Stitching everyone, Sweet Dreams update soon.


  1. Your quilting blooks are gorgeous love the colours of the last one so summery

  2. Fantastic! I love the techniques used in these two blocks :o)

    I just dug out my Peace, Love and A Cure and will sew it into a pillow cover as soon as I sort out my sewing machine ;o)


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