Saturday, 30 April 2011

BOM & Central Park

I managed to complete the next block in the quilt groups Block of the Month. Funny thing is the fabrics I'm using for these blocks are the same fabrics that I used for my pinwheel quilt. I had quite a bit left so thought using it for these blocks would be perfect, the only thing is that so far I've only used up scraps from the pinwheel quilt & haven't even touched the yardage that I have left over. I can see many quilts in the future being made with these :)

I follow @fabricshoppe on Twitter & often they have some of the best offers but being in the states I've tended to just look but a couple of weeks ago they offered some half yard bundles of Kate Spains Central Park fabric & to be honest it was an offer to good to miss. I'm totally in love with the Central Park range of fabrics & with the $/£ exchange rate being so good at the moment it was well worth me ordering, even with postage it was a good deal, this week they arrived & here they are........ aren't they adorable? (I've ordered another pale blue one in the same range to go with it)

In the coming weeks I'm going to be offering a giveaway. 25th May is my 4th Blogoversary. I haven't decided yet if it's to be fabric &/or cross stitch.... how exciting :)

Happy stitching :)


  1. I just love those fabrics that you're using so I can see why you bought so much of them ;o)

    Ohhhhh....those are yummy! I can see why you bought them!


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